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GOLDEN Hosts Master Teacher Exhibition February 17, 2018 in Partnership with DCMO, Madison-Oneida and Herkimer BOCES

January 23, 2018

Master Teacher Art Exhibition at Golden Artist Colors Loft Gallery



May 23, 2017

In addition to redesigned packaging, some of our product names changed to better reflect intended use.

For assistance about GOLDEN products:...

GOLDEN Gives Artists Opportunity to Expand Their Palette and Discover Something New with OPEN Acrylics Spring 2017 Free White Promotion

May 19, 2017

GOLDEN is giving acrylic artists an opportunity to expand their color palette and try slow-drying OPEN Acrylics with its Spring 2017 Free White Pro...

Golden Artist Colors Highlights Unique Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors During 'Artist Picks' Spring Promotion

April 03, 2017

GOLDEN is highlighting unique Williamsburg Oil colors during its “Artist Picks” Spring 2017 Promotion.  During the promotion, four...

Artists Receive FREE QoR® Watercolor Sample Set, Expanding their Palette and Encouraging Experimentation

March 30, 2017

GOLDEN is giving watercolor artists an opportunity to expand their color palette with its unique Spring 2017 Free Sample Set Color Promotion highli...

GOLDEN Gel Medium and Fluid Acrylics Featured in Spring Promotion, Highlighting Product Versatility, Endless Possibilities

March 28, 2017

GOLDEN is highlighting product versatility and endless experimentation possibilities with Spring Fluid Acrylics and Gel Medium promotion.  Whe...

GOLDEN Introduces New Look for GOLDEN Grounds, Mediums, Additives and Varnishes

March 24, 2017

Golden Artist Colors introduces a new look for its Grounds, Mediums, Additives and Varnish product segment in order to make these products more app...


Golden Artist Colors Introduces New Packaging Utilizing Post-Consumer Recycled Material

March 22, 2017

In alignment with the company’s aspirations for environmental sustainability, Golden Artist Colors will begin introducing 25% post-consumer r...

Golden Artist Colors Announces New Marketing Director

March 17, 2017

Golden Artist Colors announces the recent hire of Matt Cleary as its new Marketing Director. As Marketing Director, Cleary is responsible for manag...

Master Teacher Art Exhibition at Golden Artist Colors

January 10, 2017

Golden Artist Colors partners with DCMO BOCES to host its first Master Teacher Art Exhibition. The Opening Reception, which will be held on Saturda...

Golden Artist Colors' Staff Volunteers at Colorscape Chenango 2016

September 12, 2016

GOLDEN staff enjoys a weekend of arts with the local community!

On September 10-11, GOLDEN employee owners volunteered their time to spend t...

Kikuo Saito 'Color and Drawing' Exhibition Sept. 24 at Sam & Adele Golden Gallery

September 01, 2016

'Color and Drawing' is an exhibition of paintings by the late artist Kikuo Saito, opening at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery - the SAGG - at Golde...

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