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Monoprinting with OPEN Acrylics

Printmaking using OPEN Acrylics as the primary printing ink, and experimenting with High Flow and QoR Watercolors.

Revisiting Oils Over Acrylics

Updating the use of oils over acrylics with recent testing from the GOLDEN laboratory.

Understanding Pouring Techniques

Create more successful and satisfying pouring art through a better understanding of fluid acrylic medium.
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GOLDEN Acrylic Sets: Exploration & Experimentation

GOLDEN Acrylic Sets are a great way to go from being overwhelmed by the array of colors and mediums available to becoming oriented to the options, possibilities and capabilities of acrylics. Join Kevin Greeland for a quick look at 16 different sets available now from GOLDEN.

Golden Benz Yellow

Introducing Benzimidazolone Yellow Light and Medium. Benzimidazolone is a lightfast alternative to Hansa Yellow and is durable, clean mixing, moderate tinting and excellent for glazing. Available in Heavy Body, Fluid, High Flow and OPEN

The Return of Genuine Cobalt Teal

Before it was discontinued in 2012, Cobalt Teal was one of our most popular colors. Now it's back in our Heavy Body palette, but just a little different from the pre-2012 version. This is great news for artists that love the qualities of genuine Cobalt Teal.

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Latest News

Latest News

GOLDEN Adds 20 Colors to SoFlat Matte Acrylics Product Line

Golden Artist Colors expands its SoFlat Matte Acrylics line, adding 20 new colors and providing artists more options for rich, matte color.
Latest News

Product Discontinuation Update

Continued intermittent supply chain disruptions impact pigments and other raw materials, causing continued product discontinuations.
Latest News

GOLDEN President & COO Receives NAMTA Hall of Fame Award

On April 1, Barbara Schindler received the NAMTA® – International Art Materials Association – 2023 Hall of Fame Award!
Latest News

GOLDEN Waterborne Varnish is Back!

New Gloss Waterborne Varnish is removable, provides UVLS protection, resists dirt and dust, and requires no harsh solvents for use, cleanup, or removal.

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Materials & Application Support

Materials & Application Support

Our role in the arts community has been to provide artists with the best tools to meet their needs. This includes an obligation to provide the most complete information available on artists' materials from our laboratory, research, and collaboration with other innovators and material scientists.

Please use this resource to obtain information regarding art materials in general, and GOLDEN products in particular. We cover product labeling, guidelines for safe use of art materials, waste disposal and environmental impact. We also provide links to other information that we have found helpful. If you don't find what you need, please contact us.