New & Updated Virtual Paint Mixer [now mixing oil colors!]

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Golden Artist Colors introduces an updated acrylic color mixer and all-new oil color mixer that is free to use! In addition to the improved, more user-friendly and graphic interface, you can now build, save and mix with palettes you create. Create a palette of colors based on what you have in your studio, colors from a class or workshop materials list, or colors you want to explore before adding them to your studio.
The same tools and interface are now available for mixing acrylic AND oil paints, including a new “instant complementary color” button that shows the chromatic complement of your mixture. A new five step undo increases ease of use and encourages exploration and play. Slide the caps up and down to adjust the amount of each color in your mixture and see the swatch color change, manipulate the numbers in each color tube, save mixtures, and add mixing colors to a new or existing palette.
We are excited to invite artists everywhere to try out our new mixers and let us know what they think.
Mixer introduction & overview
Golden Acrylics MXR
Williamsburg Oils MXR