GOLDEN Adds Ten New Colors to Heavy Body Line and Launches Consumer Apron Promotion

March 19, 2018

GOLDEN Adds Ten New Colors to Heavy Body Line and Launches Consumer Apron Promotion


Golden Artist Colors will be making several enhancements to its Heavy Body Acrylics product line in 2018.  Seven new light value colors will be added, along with bringing back a favorite, Cobalt Teal!  GOLDEN is also introducing two new yellows with exceptional lightfastness ratings.  With these launches, artists who purchase any five 2 oz. tubes of Heavy Body Acrylics (excludes sets), get a FREE GOLDEN canvas apron (while supplies last), celebrating the community of GOLDEN fans!!

Heavy Body Acrylics have been the company’s core product line since 1980.  Seven new light value colors add bright and convenient blends to what is already the most extensive palette in artist acrylic colors.  New colors are Light Bismuth Yellow, Light Orange, Titan Violet Pale, Light Phthalo Blue, Light Phthalo Green, titan Green Pale, and Titan Mars Pale.  These colors can be difficult to mix, requiring the slightest amount of pigment added to white.  Now artists can find these same clean, bright mixes every time they paint.

Very popular when it was previously available, Cobalt Teal had to be discontinued when pigment became unavailable.  The launch of QoR® Watercolor helped us discover a new pigment supplier, giving us the opportunity to bring this very desirable single-pigment color back to Heavy Body Acrylics.  The current Teal blend will remain available.

The company continuously tests products to make sure it’s providing the best materials available to artists.  Recent rests reveal that pigments PY3 and PY73, used in Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Medium formulations no longer meet ASTM Lightfastness standards.  To provide bright and lightfast yellows artists need, GOLDEN is introducing Benzimidazolone Yellow Light and Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, which have ASTM Lightfastness I ratings.   

As a result, the lightfastness rating on Hansa Yellow labels will change to Fair, but will still be available to artists in open stock displays.  Hansa Yellow will be replaced with Benzimidazolone in seven color blends while maintaining the original colors, including Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Green Gold, Indian Yellow Hue, Light Green (Blue Shade), Light Green (Yellow Shade), Permanent Green Light, and Primary Yellow.

All of these new colors began shipping to retail stores mid-February, so artists should begin seeing them at their local art supply store very soon!  To learn more specific details about GOLDEN Acrylics, visit the website at

GOLDEN Adds Ten New Colors to Heavy Body Line and Launches Consumer Apron Promotion