Golden Artist Colors Announces New Education Coordinator

March 26, 2018

Golden Artist Colors Announces New Education Coordinator

Golden Artist Colors announces the recent hire of professional artist Kevin Greeland as its new Education Coordinator.  Greeland is a tenured GOLDEN Certified Working Artist with existing relationships with many retail store owners, arts organization leaders and artists.  In his new role, he will be responsible for managing both the Working Artist Program (WAP) and the GOLDEN Artist Educator Program (GAEP).

Greeland will support the growth of the Golden Artist Colors brands, both domestically and internationally, by disseminating information about product use, product safety and technical properties of acrylics to professional artists, leisure artists, and students.  He will also lead recruiting and training for new WAP and GAEP artists, and develop new educational formats and content.

Matt Cleary, Marketing Director at Golden Artist Colors, shared, "The addition of Kevin to our Marketing team will help us fine tune our educational outreach to artists, expanding direct artist-to-artist connectivity between GOLDEN and our customers.  With his experience and knowledge, he'll be able to inspire confidence in the performance of GOLDEN branded products – Acrylics, QoR® Watercolor and Williamsburg Oils."

Prior to joining GOLDEN in this new role, Greeland worked part-time in Southern California as a GOLDEN Working Artist for close to 4 years, teaching innovative painting techniques in a dynamic learning environment where students explore various art practices.  GOLDEN Certified Working Artists are contracted with GOLDEN to conduct lectures on GOLDEN Acrylic products.

Greeland’s extensive experience in the fine arts and art education also includes his work as an Instructor at the San Diego Art Department, the Memphis College of Art, and Vanderbilt University.  He was also Co-owner & Managing Partner at the Parkland Art Gallery in Sarasota, FL.

Greeland holds a Bachelors of Science: Art Education degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.  He also holds a Master of Fine Arts: Studio Arts from Memphis College of Art.  A number of awards, residencies and art scholarships as well as teaching certifications have been earned by Greeland.  He currently resides in Norwich, N.Y.

Golden Artist Colors Announces New Education Coordinator