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Absorbent Ground - Now Ready to Use

February 19, 2007

Sometimes what seems at first like bad news leads to something better than before. That's been the case with Absorbent Ground (White). Early last fall we learned that one of the raw materials used in this product was promptly being discontinued by the manufacturer. This change brought both the challenge and the opportunity to reformulate this product with new materials. After numerous trials, tweaks and samplings to artists, the Lab has not only succeeded in re-formulating the product, but they've made it even better.

The new formulation of Absorbent Ground (White) maintains all the absorbency, flexibility and other properties of the original product, but is now packaged so that it is ready to use by the artist, right out of the jar! While diluting the product for increased leveling is still an option, it's no longer a requirement; artists can just jump right in and start working. This change offers artists added convenience and efficiencies.

The new formulation is starting to roll out now and should be available from your favorite art material supply store within the next few weeks.

As we move forward with this exciting re-formulation of Absorbent Ground (White), we have made the decision to not carry this re-formulation over to Absorbent Ground (Canvas). From the beginning, Absorbent Ground (Canvas) has caused a certain level of confusion in the marketplace, since many people thought the "Canvas" designation indicated that the product was specifically designed for canvas substrates. While it certainly can be used on canvas, the "Canvas" designation referred to the color of the product, not to a specific substrate.

To assist artists who would still like to achieve a tinted version of the Absorbent Ground, the Lab has developed formulas for mixing color into Absorbent Ground (White):

For a canvas colored tint mix:     100 parts Absorbent Ground (White)     0.3 parts Burnt Umber or Burnt Umber Light (HB or Fluid)     0.15 parts Yellow Oxide (HB or Fluid)

For linen colored tint mix:     100 parts Absorbent Ground (White)     1.3 parts Bone Black (HB or Fluid)     1.4 parts Burnt Umber or Burnt Umber Light (HB or Fluid)     0.8 parts Yellow Oxide (HB or Fluid)

Alternately, a pre-mixed Absorbent Ground (Canvas) is available for ordering through the Custom Lab for a custom mixing fee. For more information on this option, or for any other questions about Absorbent Ground, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-959-6543.

GOLDEN Working Artist Nancy Reyner Releases New Book

February 01, 2007

Book Description

Manufacturers see acrylic paint as the most versatile paint with the most growth potential and are putting marketing and product development dollars behind their products to help educate readers on the benefits of this paint--there are currently over 225 different types of acrylic paints

The first book to address the most popular applications of acrylics and the accompanying mediums

With 101 tricks and techniques there is literally something for everyone--from artists, to crafters, to weekend enthusiasts, to students of all levels

Features a contemporary design that reflects the applications and current trends surrounding the medium

Acrylic Revolution will show readers everything they need to know to be successful in their acrylic painting projects. With over 101 of the most popular, interesting, and indispensable tricks for working with acrylic--each with its own step-by-step demonstration--there is literally page after page of acrylic instruction and inspiration for readers to discover. A gallery of finished art at the back of the book will show readers how to combine different tricks to use in their artwork offering them real-life applications for acrylic techniques.

Go to Nancy's Web site ( to learn more about the book and upcoming signing events.

Attn: Hard Molding Paste Users

September 25, 2006

Dear Hard Molding Paste User,

During a quality control check of older retained samples of our product Hard Molding Paste, we saw that several lots of the product were thickening over time. The product in the jar becomes hard and unusable. The problem has been traced back to processing issues, which we have since adjusted to correct.

This problem is strictly with the product in its wet form in the jar, and does not affect the performance or durability of the dried film.

We are asking for your assistance in recalling all sizes of this product for the batch codes listed below. Batch codes are located on the bottom of the product, or below the bar code on the label.

Product Item number 3571 - Hard Molding Paste.

Hard Molding Paste Batch Codes:                                 304768                 305243                                 305242                 306475                                 306705                 311683                                 311685                 312623                                 313560

If your product has become hard in the container or is identified with any of the batch codes above please contact a GOLDEN Customer Service Representative at 1 800 959-6543 or by email at for the replacement of this product.

Thank you for your assistance.

Attn: Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) Users

September 15, 2006

GOLDEN Announces a Recall on Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss)

As part of the rigorous GOLDEN quality control system, a scheduled lab check of a retained sample of Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) revealed a degradation of material that is not appropriate for this product. As a result, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. is recalling specific batches of GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss).

Product that is affected may appear slightly discolored in the wet state and will have a light brown cast in the dry state. If mixed with over 50% color, discoloration may not be noticeable. While the product is still viable, the slight discoloration does not live up to the standards set by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Products being recalled, all sizes:

Item Number 3080 - GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss)

If you have recently purchased any GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss), please inspect the container to determine if the product is identified with any of the batch codes listed below. Batch codes are located on the bottom of the product, or below the bar code on the label. Only product with the following batch codes is being recalled:

Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss): 314934 and 314935

Only the Gloss sheen of Extra Heavy Gel is affected by this recall.

If you discover that you have GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) with one of the above batch codes, please contact a GOLDEN Customer Service Representative at 1-800-959-6543 or by email at for more information.

GOLDEN Technical Director Presents at Modern Paints Uncovered Symposium at Tate Modern in London

June 30, 2006

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Technical Director James Hayes recently presented a paper co-authored by Dr. Gregory Smith, a conservation scientist from Buffalo State College who is also its first Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of Conservation Science, regarding modern materials at a symposium held at Tate Modern in London.

Modern Paints Uncovered, which was co-organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and Tate, drew together the varied strands of research currently being conducted by conservation scientists and conservators on modern paint materials and addressed some of the concerns associated with these paints and the challenges inherent in developing appropriate conservation protocols. The integrated collaborative project, which began in 2002, was directed toward answering some of the many conservation questions about the character of modern paints. In its initial phase, it focused on three areas including, improved methods for analysis, better understanding of the physical properties and surface characteristics of modern paints, and assessment of the effects of cleaning treatments on acrylic emulsion paints. It was the first event of its kind for the modern paints conservation community. "I was thrilled to be a part of this tremendous event," said GOLDEN Technical Director James Hayes. "Being able to collaborate with the conservation community has allowed us access to incredibly talented scientists, giving us the ability to analyze and understand these materials at a much deeper level."

Dr. Gregory Smith

Hayes' and Smith's paper, titled, "From Formulation to Finished Product: Causes and Potential Cures for Conservation Concerns in Acrylic Emulsion Paints," explored the relationship between formulation choices and the major longevity concerns regarding artwork executed in acrylic emulsion media. New directions in coatings formulations, primarily arising from the industrial coatings sector, were discussed in relation to their potential for improving properties of artists' paints. Finally, intervention at the level of the artist, especially regarding aqueous cleaning, isolation coatings and picture varnishing, were discussed as a means of mitigating conservation concerns in the future.

"Working with Jim is particularly rewarding since it gives me insight into the manufacturing process and an energetic collaborator in my own studies into the conservation surrounding acrylic dispersion paints," said Smith. "Our joint paper at Modern Paints Uncovered showed the devotion that Golden Artist Colors has for the longevity of their products and it highlighted the significant research that has gone into constantly improving the GOLDEN brand of artists' paints."

There were several other presenters and topics discussed at the event, which attendees have touted as a tremendous success. According to Smith,"I felt like it was a quantum leap in my understanding of the materials as well as in my enthusiasm to tackle challenges I've been encountering in my research." "The symposium was definitely a very energetic place to be, but of utmost importance was the collaboration this event allowed between various groups, including manufacturers, conservation scientists, conservators, and others," said Hayes.

Dr. Tom Learner

Dr. Tom Learner, a Senior Conservation Scientist at Tate in London and also a co-ordinator of Modern Paints Uncovered agreed wholeheartedly. "The symposium was a milestone in modern paints research," Learner said. "It allowed us to take stock of where the research is and where it's still got to go. I hope that the attendees are now fully aware of what's happening and through individual contacts or more formal collaborations, we will see a great increase in research and ultimately, assistance to conservators in order to help them deal with challenges in their work."

If you are interested in learning more about "From Formulation to Finished Product: Causes and Potential Cures for Conservation Concerns in Acrylic Emulsion Paints," or other research presented at the symposium, please go to for more information. The Getty is planning to publish a post print to the symposium in late 2007, so please check its Web site periodically for updates.

GOLDEN Answers Artists' Requests for a Traditional Palette with Six New Historical Fluid Acrylic Colors

April 20, 2006

As a direct result of requests from the art community, GOLDEN has added six new colors to its existing Fluid Acrylic product line to include a selection of historical colors previously offered only in the Heavy Body formula. Recognizing the need for these significant colors for artists working in the highly versatile Fluid line, GOLDEN has also created greater opportunity for watercolor artists.

Introducing these Historical Colors complements the color spectrum previously existing in Fluids, as well as increases options for artists already familiar with these colors in the Heavy Body Acrylic formula. Because Fluids flow smoothly and evenly from the brush and can be poured, puddled, drizzled or dripped onto the canvas, artists can push the limits of their creativity and expand the boundaries of acrylic painting.

"We're very excited about the opportunity to launch these colors in the Fluid formula," said Product Manager, Dana Rice. "We've been having conversations with artists about these products for awhile, so we're pleased to be able to answer their requests and let them know that the colors are now available."

Re-creating pigments originally derived from elements such as berries, bones and roots, GOLDEN technology uses contemporary pigments to create hues of these traditional colors; combining the integrity of the past with today's requirements for quality, lightfastness and safety.

The Fluid Acrylic line extension will feature the following six colors and will be available in all six Fluid Acrylic sizes: 1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 128 oz.

Fluid Naples Yellow Hue

Fluid Manganese Blue Hue

Fluid Indian Yellow Hue

Fluid Prussian Blue Hue

Fluid Alizarin Crimson Hue

Fluid Sap Green Hue

A tremendous amount of research was conducted in order to ensure GOLDEN Historical Fluid Colors shared the working properties of their predecessors. The professional expertise of art historians, museum curators and its own technicians was utilized during this process. Considerations for masstone, undertone and tint were included in the matching process in an attempt to match the overall color qualities as much as possible. As a result, contemporary artists can now explore the profoundly distinct qualities of historically significant colors while enjoying the advantages brought about by modern chemistry: lightfastness, safe use and permanence.

GOLDEN Receives 2005 Vendor of the Year Award

February 15, 2006

Golden Artist Colors, Inc., was honored recently by Utrecht Manufacturing Corporation with a 2005 Vendor of the Year Award. CEO Mark Golden accepted the award at the dinner and awards ceremony, which was held at The Nassau Hotel in Princeton, N.J. on Wed., Feb 15, 2006.

The award recognized GOLDEN's creative and innovative marketing initiatives, high quality merchandise and outstanding service. "GOLDEN's constant support, both at the corporate and retail levels has allowed us to serve our guests extremely well," said Utrecht Category Merchandise Manager, Michael Stone. "The company's exceptional products have raised industry standards, while your flexibility and outstanding shipping accuracy have helped to keep our stores full. GOLDEN is always willing to go the extra mile and therefore, is a great asset and partner for Utrecht."

"Everyone at GOLDEN is thrilled with this recognition from Utrecht," said CEO, Mark Golden. "It has been a valuable partnership and we thank Utrecht for creating an environment in which both organizations could be successful."

"The key to all relationships is honest communication," said GOLDEN President, Barbara Schindler. "Both Utrecht and GOLDEN have been great listeners and have worked openly and honestly to forge this wonderful partnership."

Other companies recognized with awards were Canson, Inc. and 3M.

GOLDEN to Keep Quality and Artist Support its Top Priority

January 20, 2006

A new company initiative seeks to curb commodification of the GOLDEN brand and ensure sustainable, long-term support of the arts community.

In recent years, manufacturers in the arts materials industry have faced tremendous market pressures to reduce prices, sometimes resulting in lower quality products and reduced levels of customer support.

If this trend continues, according to sources from Golden Artist Colors, Inc., an increasingly price-centric marketplace for arts supplies could

Reduce industry ability to invest in product development and research

Continue the manufacturing shift to offshore companies

Curtail creation of educational programs and other support platforms that contribute to the vitality of the arts community

Reduce the variety and availability of local fine art supply retail stores

To that end, Golden Artist Colors introduced the Sustainable Market Initiative. The Sustainable Market Initiative features an updated set of policies designed to help broaden the inherent appeal of the GOLDEN brand throughout the art supply retail channel. Ultimately, the stability and brand value derived from the initiative will allow the company to further its commitment to meet artists' individual needs, increase product availability and selection, and make a real difference in the enrichment of the creative world.

According to Mark Golden, CEO of Golden Artist Colors, Inc., "From the manufacturer that makes the product to the artist who buys it, for all of us to thrive as part of a sustainable creative community, we must commit to be significant contributors to our communities and to give back to one another for our mutual success. As a manufacturer, we fully realize we are but one part of this community, but through the Sustainable Market Initiative, we are doing our part by creating tools to ensure a better future for all of us."

He added, If the GOLDEN brand is to remain relevant to those who use our products to express their creativity, this company must be in a position to serve and support them for many years to come. The Sustainable Market Initiative will not only allow us to continue to provide our customers access to unique materials and programs, it will ensure they will always have choices within the arts supply marketplace. That is our promise. That is our passion."

From ongoing dedication to product innovation and art materials research to such unique tools as hand-painted color charts and hand-painted labels, the increased stability Golden Artist Colors, Inc. will realize from the Sustainable Market Initiative will help the company further enrich many market-leading programs it offers to artists everywhere:

The Working Artists Program: The Working Artists Program provides artists with first-hand experience of the variety of GOLDEN acrylic products and their uses. Professional fine artists with extensive art material expertise regularly conduct classes and demonstrations throughout the country for artists and students working in acrylic or other media.

Technical Support: The Technical Support team for Golden Artist Colors provides relevant information to users and makers of art materials alike. The department houses professional artists who also have extensive technical backgrounds, ensuring that customers understand the full capabilities of products and helping to determine when a custom solution needs to be created to address a unique situation.

Custom Lab: The Custom Lab is the only facility of its kind dedicated to designing products to the desired specifications of individual artists. It has the ability to make products to meet various artists' criteria, producing more than 1,000 custom products to meet the individual needs of customers since its inception 20 years ago.

To activate the Sustainable Market Initiative in the arts supply retailer level, Golden Artist Colors will institute (or continue) several key measures, including a Minimum Advertised Price policy, which will assure that the advertising of the brand does not represent GOLDEN products as a loss leader or lower-value product.

An Invitation from Mark Golden to Visit his Blog

January 17, 2006

Mark Golden on Paint

For over 25 years I've had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented artists in the world and to know the joys of working with a true pioneer in modern art materials, my father, Sam Golden. I've also had the honor of working with individuals who, through their ethical and responsible practice of organizational behavior are making a positive change in the world we live in. This is a unique perspective and one that I hope will provide some value as I launch my personal blog, Mark Golden on Paint.

Through it, I hope to engage the citizens of the arts community - whether they are artists, collectors or other interested parties - in conversations on such topics as the evolution and use of modern paint mediums, industry issues, artist resources and issues surrounding the practice of real community engagement.

Please come and visit and see why I'm glad I took the advice, "plastics, son, plastics."

Mark Golden

CEO, Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

GOLDEN Promotes Edward J. Holmquist Jr.

November 21, 2005

Former Marketing Production Supervisor Edward J. Holmquist Jr. was recently promoted to Assistant Operations Manager in the Operations department at Golden Artist Colors, Inc. As Assistant Operations Manager, Holmquist will be responsible for improving the performance of the Operations department's three main deliverables: safety, quality and productivity. This will be achieved through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles and effective development and direction of the group's supervisors and Operations employees. He will also be responsible for the development and maintenance of performance metrics and goals that foster continuous improvement.

"Ed has demonstrated his knowledge and skill to GOLDEN during the past three years and therefore, we were thrilled at the opportunity to allow him to grow at a higher level," said Don Lynch, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. operations manager. "Providing our employees with the resources and opportunities to succeed is one of the three strategic constructs our management team is committed to."

"Ed has been integral in his ability to lead staff on a Lean Manufacturing journey over the past few years," said Barbara Schindler, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. president. "He works very well with a diverse group of employees and as a result, the company has seen tremendous productivity gains."

Holmquist has over five years supervisory and project management experience with Procter & Gamble, a company with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands. While at P&G, Holmquist was the Team Leader & Project Manager for the Packaging segment of its Norwich, N.Y. location. Holmquist graduated from Norwich High School and was a distinguished honor graduate of the USAF Security Police.

Holmquist is an active member of his community, coaching the Norwich JV Football and Baseball teams, the Sherburne 876 Jr. Football team and the Sherburne Youth Baseball team.

Holmquist, his wife Shelly, and children Justin, Ashley and Emily reside in Sherburne, N.Y.

GOLDEN Celebrates Completed Sculpture by Artist Terry Slade

September 12, 2005

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. held an artist opening on Fri., Sept. 9 to celebrate the completion of "Area for Reflection" - a sculpture created by Artist Terry L. H. Slade for the GOLDEN property. The sculpture, which is located on the hill near the pond, signifies, in part, the future of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. It speaks to the company's desire to not only create a place where artists want to visit, but more significantly, a place where artists want to come to create artwork in collaboration with GOLDEN employees.

"We were thrilled with the opportunity to work in collaboration with Terry on this piece," said GOLDEN CEO, Mark Golden. "We are committed to producing materials that allow the most current ideas to be recorded successfully, in a spirit of collaboration with the artists who will share our legacy in times to come. The conversations with Terry about this piece during 2004 were just a continuation of what we've been doing for the last 25 years." The work was donated to the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, Inc. by the Golden family to support the Foundation in honor of their parents' legacy and commitment to the arts.

"I was honored when I was approached by Mark and Barbara to create this sculpture for the property," said Artist Terry Slade. "The support that GOLDEN gives to the artist community is tremendous. It began with Sam's vision 25 years ago and continues with Mark and the rest of the staff now."

The artwork was also about transformation and the company's growth over the years. Slade created the sculpture with the trees that surrounded Sam and Adele Golden's house, which were taken down to make way for the company's recent 40,000-square-foot expansion. The expansion, while representative of progress, marked a bittersweet occasion for many at GOLDEN, calling for removal of Sam and Adele Golden's house, which had been serving as office space. The ability to transform the trees in order to create a place of remembrance and restoration is a continuing reflection of the company's commitment to be respectful of the beauty of this area and continue the legacy of the company.

"Area for Reflection" - acrylic on wood - is one of the works in a series that Slade has been working on for four years. The last four years Slade has searched for ancient monuments in the form of stone circles, standing stones, cairns and burial chambers throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The trips have resulted in a large series of drawings and sculptures inspired by these sites.

"My intention for 'Area for Reflection' is that all who experience the space will leave with a renewed awareness of the world and their place in it," said Slade. You can learn more about the artist and his work by going to his Web site at

The evening wine and cheese reception was held on the GOLDEN property from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m., with the artist statement and dedication at 5:30 p.m. Mark Golden and President Barbara Schindler both spoke at the event, which was attended by GOLDEN employees and families as well as local individuals from the Chenango County area.

Starting a Mural or Outdoor Sculpture?

May 19, 2005

Golden paints are a durable, reliable choice for outdoor murals and sculptures, particularly when used within a complete system of proper surface preparation, priming, color selection, and topcoating or varnishing.

Explore the following links for more specific GOLDEN recommendations and detailed information regarding these topics.

For further reading, there is an important article delivered by Mark Golden at a conference on conservation and published by the Getty Conservation Institute:

For questions on specific projects, or on any GOLDEN product, please contact Tech Support at, 800-959-6543 / 607-847-6154 Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST or visit the Technotes section.

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