Golden Artist Colors Receives Award from NYS Southern Tier Chapter of VESID

January 29, 2008

Golden Artist Colors was recently recognized for its efforts to hire workers with disabilities by the NYS Southern Tier Chapter of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities. GOLDEN was nominated for the award by the ARC Otsego, which provides job coaches to firms that hire people with disabilities. The nomination was forwarded to a statewide review committee and GOLDEN was the winner in the category of businesses with between 100 and 499 employees.

"GOLDEN has always been involved in its community and has been hiring workers with disabilities for more than seven years," said Dot Marinaccio, VESID's Regional Marketing Coordinator. "They've also been open to being an evaluation site, so we can see how well workers perform and assess how they might handle other jobs."

According to GOLDEN Corporate Communications Specialist, Jodi O'Dell, "These employees work in our Operations Department, specifically in the tubing area. As they learn more about GOLDEN's needs and routines, they are given increased responsibilities. They are a joy to have on our staff and we appreciate their commitment to providing quality products for our customers."