GOLDEN Supports Local Community's "Green" Efforts

September 18, 2007

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. recently participated in both Otsego and Chenango County New York's Hazardous Waste Collection Days, periodic public service events provided by the Otsego County Board of Representatives and Chenango County Department of Public Works. These events enable residents to dispose of household hazardous wastes responsibly, thereby reducing environmental risks.

At each event, a large team of community volunteers separated salvageable latex paint from other wastes brought in for disposal. Under the guidance and direction of Ben Gavett, Regulatory Affairs & Facility Director at GOLDEN, each paint can was opened and inspected to determine if the paint was salvageable. The usable paint was poured into drums to be recycled, while unusable paint was disposed of properly. Unusable latex paints account for approximately half of the volume of paint sorted and include those that are moldy, contaminated, or solidified. Much of the solidified paint results from repeated cycles of freezing and thawing during storage.

Following filtering, sorting and consolidation of the salvageable paint at the event, it was transported to Golden Artist Colors for remixing, pH stabilization, quality assurance and filling into reused 5 gallons pails. Resultant blended colors are white; and various shades of brown and gray. The paint was then returned to the Counties for distribution to non-profit organizations throughout the area.

"We have been assisting Chenango and Otsego Counties with these events for years," said Gavett. "This year, between the two, we collected and recycled approximately 1600 gallons of latex paint. It is a great opportunity for us to use our expertise and facilities to support our local communities by reducing the environmental impact of what would otherwise be wasted paint."