Williamsburg Oil Color Sets

Williamsburg Oil Color Sets

To help artists navigate the extensive range of Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors we have currated a range of color collections in sets. Whether you are looking to experience a specific color family or need a solid starting point, sets make it easy, convenient and affordable to build your palette.


Williamsburg Signature Colors Set swatch

Williamsburg Signature Colors Set

Throughout Williamsburg's history, exploration and experimentation have led to the development of several unique colors. The Signature Colors set contains 8 colors representative of these discoveries.
Williamsburg Landscape Colors Set swatch

Williamsburg Landscape Colors Set

An excellent outdoor palette that allows artists to produce the wide variety of hues, shades, and tints encountered in nature.
Williamsburg Traditional Colors Set swatch

Williamsburg Traditional Colors Set

An ideal starting place for artists who are interested in exploring a more traditional range of colors.
Williamsburg Modern Colors Set swatch

Williamsburg Modern Colors Set

Crisp and bright, with the ability to produce strong and clean tints. Modern colors are an excellent choice for painters looking to supplement their traditional colors with higher chroma alternatives and contemporary painters looking to explore a modern palette.
Williamsburg Selected Native Italian Earth Set swatch

Williamsburg Selected Native Italian Earth Set

Our famous line of imported Italian earth colors. These are the same pigments made famous by the Italian Renaissance. Clean and vibrant, they can completely change your attitude towards earth colors.
Williamsburg French Earth Set swatch

Williamsburg French Earth Set

Our French Earth Colors provide even more depth to our offerings of natural earths coming from regions with historical importance. Natural earths provide a type of texture, physical presence and subtlety of color that synthetic iron oxides simply cannot provide.
Williamsburg Basic Painting Set I swatch

Williamsburg Basic Painting Set I

12 colors! A great set for someone just starting to paint in oils or as an introduction to our line of paints.
Williamsburg Basic Painting Set II swatch

Williamsburg Basic Painting Set II

A great set for someone just starting to paint in oils or as an introduction to our line of paints.
Williamsburg Selected Iridescent Color Set swatch

Williamsburg Selected Iridescent Color Set

We are known for our unusual range of Iridescent Oil Colors.
Williamsburg Neutral Gray Set swatch

Williamsburg Neutral Gray Set

The Williamsburg Neutral Grays set allows artists to create full-value grisaille paintings with the addition of black and white. Color can then be applied to the grisaille, either full strength or as desaturated color after mixing them with these grays.

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Four 8-Color Mixing Sets by Williamsburg Oils

11 ml tubes of color plus a 37 ml tube of Titanium White make each of these four sets perfect for trying new colors or an entirely new palette from which you can mix a new range of colors. Williamsburg has one of the most extensive selection of oil colors available anywhere, and these sets can help you narrow down options and begin personalizing your palette.

Go deep into the Earth (colors)

We will take you through the extensive palette of earth colors offered in Williamsburg Oil paints, breaking down the differences between natural, mined pigments, and colors that have been synthesized. Explore the texture, transparency and utility of these colors in your painting!

The drying time chart referenced in this video can be found here: https://goldenhub.goldenpaints.com/storage/uploads/williamsburg-drytime-chart-091818.pdf

For a listing of all our colors categorized by their relative grind (very fine to coarse) see this list from our website: https://goldenhub.goldenpaints.com/storage/uploads/grind-category-pdf-1.pdf​

Painting with Williamsburg Neutral Grays

Check your local retailer for Williamsburg New Neutral Gray Set based on the Munsell Color System, helps you adjust value and chroma of any color without altering hue. Take a quick look at the creation and use of neutral gray colors within the Williamsburg palette and explore neutralizing colors while preserving value using the Munsell color system as well Grisaille, the practice of underpainting in grayscale then applying color glazes.

Find the Munsell data for every color in the Williamsburg palette here.

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