Varnishes & Top Coats

Varnishes & Top Coats

Varnishes and coatings unify the surface quality and protect paintings from  dust and ultraviolet light. Varnish provides removable UV protection, while coatings provide non-removable protection to extend the life of acrylic paintings.

MSA (Mineral Spirit Acrylic) Varnish with UVLS is a Mineral Spirit based Acrylic resin system that reduces dirt penetration and surface marring, offering an ex­treme­ly level film with less foam and fewer pin­holes. 

Archival Aerosol Varnish MSA with UVLS is formulated with 100% solvent-based, reversible acrylic co-polymer resin. It is an easy to use spray varnish made with fast drying acetone and a propellant.

Isolation Coat can be applied to acrylic paintings to unify and protect the surface. Sealing with isolation coat prior to varnishing ensures an even application of varnish and provides a layer of protection if/when varnish is removed.

Waterborne Varnish is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish with Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers [UVLS] that protects interior acrylic paintings from dust and ultraviolet light.

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