Wellness Initiative Leads to Community Support at Golden Artist Colors

December 16, 2014

Golden Artist Colors’ staff participates in company “Biggest Loser Challenge” and donates monies to local not-for-profit organizations. Since the beginning, GOLDEN has been a company committed to an open and progressive atmosphere for its employees. The company believes it can help in at least providing an environment to support those employees trying to make healthier choices in their lives and in the lives of their families.    

In September the company sponsored a “Biggest Loser” weight loss competition, resulting in weight loss for 14% of its employees over the course of 11 weeks. The collective group lost 6% of their body weight. Several employee family members decided to join the competition. Because employees are choosing healthier lifestyles, many of their family members are as well.  

In the past when the company has held similar competitions, weekly prizes were given for the person with the largest percentage of body weight lost that specific week. This year the gift was the opportunity to choose a local not-for-profit organization promoting wellness, to give a charitable donation to. Each weekly winner was able to choose from three local not-for-profit organizations, including The United Way, Opportunities for Chenango and St. Andrew’s Church Food Pantry in New Berlin.

“As a business in this community, we fully support each organization’s cause and enjoy being able to contribute to their incredibly valuable efforts,” said Human Resources Director, Bill Berthel. “This is a small way to thank the organizations for all that they accomplish and wish them great success!” 
Weekly Nutrition & Fitness Tips were emailed to all participants, inspiring positive changes and discussion among employees and families, promoting healthier lifestyles for all!

For more information about Wellness Initiatives GOLDEN, please contact Wellness Program Coordinator, Bill Berthel at 1-607-847-6154.

Wellness Initiative Leads to Community Support at Golden Artist Colors