Heavy Body Carbon Black Recall

April 21, 2021

Here at Golden Artist Colors, we truly value artist feedback. Daily dialogue with our customers oftentimes leads us to new product development or further industry research and testing in our labs. Sometimes we even learn about product failure. To some companies, this would be perceived as negative, but to the employee owners at GOLDEN, it is a gift. Being aware of struggles artists may be having with our paints helps us to improve our processes, continuing our commitment for customer satisfaction.

Through a conversation from an artist, it has come to our attention that three (3) batches of Heavy Body Carbon Black (Item #1040) are exhibiting a very thick viscosity – much thicker than normal and outside our Quality Control acceptance range – and therefore, need to be recalled.

Product with the following batch codes is being recalled:

  • X0005197
  • X0005291
  • X0005668

If you have product that is NOT these batch codes, the product is still good to use.

Batch codes are located on the bottom of the product container. If you have product affected by the recall in your studio and have already used it in your artwork, there is no risk to your artwork. It is an issue of the paint being too thick for ease of use.

If you have a container with one of the batch codes listed above, please contact Customer Service at 607-847-6154 or 1-800-959-6543 to make arrangements for replacement product. Replacement(s) at no charge will be sent when product becomes available.

Affected product must be disposed of properly. It is best to take it to a local paint drop off center for disposal, if that’s available. Alternatively, you can just smear it out on paper or cardboard to let dry, then dispose of it in the trash. If neither of these options is desirable, please contact GOLDEN Customer Service regarding how to return product to GOLDEN for proper disposal.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Golden Artist Colors and again, we treasure your feedback and dialogue with us.


Golden Artist Colors

Heavy Body Carbon Black Recall