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NEW COLORS from Williamsburg!

For 2018 Williamsburg is proud to introduce seven new colors to the most extensive palette of any major oil paint maker. All on the warm side of th...

QoR Masking Fluid

New for 2018, QoR offers a latex-based masking fluid to complement their range of colors and mediums. Masking fluid is ideal for hard-edges and hig...

Golden Benz Yellow

Introducing Benzimidazolone Yellow Light and Medium. Benzimidazolone is a lightfast alternative to Hansa Yellow and is durable, clean mixing, moder...

The Return of Genuine Cobalt Teal

Before it was discontinued in 2012, Cobalt Teal was one of our most popular colors. Now it's back in our Heavy Body palette, but just a little diff...

Explorer 14 Acrylics Colors & Mediums Set

New for 2018, GOLDEN has repackaged the A-Z 14 set with a new, more lightfast, Benzimadazolone Yellow replacing Hansa Yellow, and more Earth-Friend...

New 2018 Golden Acrylic Colors

From the Paint Bar in the GOLDEN factory, Kevin Greeland introduces the ten new colors available for 2018.

What, Why & How: GOLDEN Gessos and Grounds

Explore the Golden offering of Grounds, their unique properties and why you would use them for preparing you supports for painting.

What, Why & How: GOLDEN Molding Pastes

A more in depth review of the range of Golden Molding Pastes, including Molding Paste, Hard Molding Paste, Light Molding Paste and Coarse Molding P...

Williamsburg Technical Advances

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What, Why & How: GOLDEN Fluid Mediums with Patti Brady

A brief overview of all the fluid acrylic mediums including their use for extending paints, sealing surfaces, promoting adhesion, and altering the ...

Abstract Landscape with Melanie Matthews and the GOLDEN A-Z set

Using just materials from the GOLDEN A-Z (30) set, Melanie Matthews takes you through a simple impasto and scraffito landscape on panel using acryl...

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