Lesson Plans

The vast variety and number of GOLDEN products can be daunting to even the most experienced artist. Whether you"re looking for a place to begin, a lesson plan for your students or just want to have fun, these Step-By-Step techniques and projects will help you learn about the unique properties of GOLDEN Acrylics and the possibilities of mixing, layering and blending them. Remember, this is only a start. Stay loose and focus on having fun with the materials, rather than wishing for a perfect finished product!

Subtractive Pears with OPEN Acrylics

Photo Image Transfer with Gels

Staining with High Flow Acrylics

Monoprint Bird with OPEN Acrylics


Drawing with High Flow Acrylics

Subtractive Pear Stencil with OPEN Acrylics

Glass Bead Watermedia Pear

Grounds for Drawing


Image transfer (Bird on Iridescent)


Sgraffito Pear with Crackle Paste


Gel Skin Transfer with Fiber Paste


Gel Skin Pear on Acrylics