Lesson Plans

Subtractive Pears with OPEN Acrylics

Photo Image Transfer with Gels

Staining with High Flow Acrylics

Monoprint Bird with OPEN Acrylics

Drawing with High Flow Acrylics

Subtractive Pear Stencil with OPEN Acrylics

Glass Bead Watermedia Pear

Grounds for Drawing

Image transfer (Bird on Iridescent)

Sgraffito Pear with Crackle Paste

Gel Skin Transfer with Fiber Paste

Gel Skin Pear on Acrylics

Pear Drawing on Acrylic Ground for Pastels

Glass Bead Water-media

Subtractive Technique with OPEN Acrylics

Water-media on Absorbent Ground