Williamsburg Oils Special Edition Colors

While Williamsburg Handmade Oils is known for its range of colors, differences in grind, attention to detail, small batch production and the sheer sensuousness of our paint, few people know about the frequent dialog with artists searching for things they cannot find elsewhere. Sometimes requests lead to larger opportunities. Availability is limited, call 800-959-6543 (607-847-8843 outside the US) for more information.

Four Neutral Grays (N2, N4, N6, and N8), ground in alkali-refined linseed oil and using a combination of Titanium White, Lamp Black, and small touches of various iron oxides (Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna) to pull the otherwise too-cool mixtures back towards neutral. The Williamsburg Grays match the Munsell values nearly flawlessly across the spectrum.

Transparent Iron Oxide Colors utilize the same pigments in our standard colors but are milled to a finer consistency to make them more suitable for glazing.

Transparent Orange Iron Oxide is based on our Italian Pink with a finer grind. We blend two synthetic iron oxide pigments to produce a deep red-orange masstone with a satin finish and rich orange-red glazes that have slightly yellow biased red tints. (37 ml tube, Item #6001921-9)

Transparent Brown Iron Oxide originated with our Dutch Brown (Transparent). It provides a very deep brown/black masstone with a satin finish. Tints created using this color are clean brown tones similar to high chroma umber and let down to offer rich translucent glazes reminiscent of coffee or tanned leather. (37 ml tube, Item #6001923-9)