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Williamsburg Oils: History

Short video touching on the legacy of Carl Plansky as a painter and paint maker.

What, Why and How: Painting with GOLDEN Acrylic Gel

Patti Brady reviews the range of gloss, semi-gloss and matte gels from GOLDEN, including Soft, Regular, Heavy, and Extra Heavy Gels. How are the pr...

QoR 24 Watercolor Set unpacking video

Get a look inside the QoR 24 Watercolor Set of 5ml tubes in graphic tin the signature mixing lid. Item 7000020-0

QoR Modern Watercolors

Golden is proud to introduce a totally new watercolor: QoR It has a revolutionary new binder that provides more intense color through a higher pigm...

GOLDEN Acrylic Demo

A comprehensive overview of the Golden Artist Colors product categories and properties.

Williamsburg : The artist's challenge

A glimpse into the relationship between Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and the artists who use them.

GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel

Drip, drizzle and create lines varying from thick to very thin using GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel. For more information please go to our website http://www...

Create unique Acrylic Gel Skins using GOLDEN High Flow Drawings

Create drawings with Golden High Flow Acrylics and a needle nose applicator. Turn your drawings into Acrylic skins that can be used as a unique par...

High Flow Squeeze Marker Set

Whether it's a controlled line or flowing drips that you're looking for, Golden's new High Flow Squeeze Marker Set has what you're looking for. Wit...

High Flow Acrylics - Filling an empty pump marker

Demonstration of how to fill a pump marker using Golden High Flow Acrylics.

Making Oil Paint

The process of making paint includes running paint through a mill. This step determines "the grind", or how fine or coarse each color becomes. Each...

Monoprinting with QoR Watercolors

Fun and easy monoprinting technique using QoR Watercolors

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