Organic/Inorganic Pigment List


Inorganic Pigments

Artisans have employed some inorganic pigments for centuries and some for millennia. They are produced from either naturally mined pigments (sienna, umber, ochre) or synthetically manufactured pigments, (iron oxide, carbon black, etc). Inorganic pigments may also be produced using a combination of these two processes. Inorganic Pigments that are both mined and manufactured include the Cadmiums, Cobalts, and Titaniums.

Organic Pigments

The organic pigments are a group of colorants synthetically produced through complex carbon-containing chemistry involving various materials including petroleum, coal tar and natural gas. Many of these pigments have their roots in the chemistry of the 1800s, although widespread production didn"t really begin until the 1930s. Even though they have only been available for several decades, organic pigments have demonstrated remarkable abilities to withstand the impact of light and weather.

1005 Anthraquinone Blue x  
1010 Bone Black   x
1020 Burnt Sienna   x
1030 Burnt Umber   x
1035 Burnt Umber Light   x
1040 Carbon Black   x
1050 Cerulean Blue (Chromium)   x
1051 Cerulean Blue Deep   x
1060 Chromium Oxide Green   x
1070 CP Cadmium Orange   x
1080 CP Cadmium Red Dark   x
1090 CP Cadmium Red Light   x
1100 CP Cadmium Red Medium   x
1110 CP Cadmium Yellow Dark   x
1120 CP Cadmium Yellow Light   x
1130 CP Cadmium Yellow Med.   x
1135 CP Cadmium Yellow Primrose   x
1140 Cobalt Blue   x
1142 Cobalt Green   x
1143 Cobalt Titanate Green   x
1144 Cobalt Turquois   x
1147 Diarylide Yellow x  
1150 Dioxazine Purple x  
1160 Graphite Gray   x
1170 Green Gold x  
1180 Hansa Yellow Light x  
1190 Hansa Yellow Medium x  
1191 Hansa Yellow Opaque x  
1195 Jenkins Green x x
1200 Mars Black   x
1202 Mars Yellow   x
1210 Naphthol Red Light x  
1220 Naphthol Red Medium x  
1225 Nickel Azo Yellow x  
1240 Paynes Gray   x
1250 Permanent Green Light x  
1253 Permanent Violet Dark x  
1255 Phthalo Blue GS x  
1260 Phthalo Blue RS x  
1270 Phthalo Green BS x  
1275 Phthalo Green YS x  
1384 Pyrrole Orange x  
1227 Pyrrole Red x  
1279 Pyrrole Red Light x  
1280 Quinacridone Burnt Orange x  
1290 Quinacridone Crimson x  
1301 Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold x  
1305 Quinacridone Magenta x  
1310 Quinacridone Red x  
1320 Quinacridone Red Light x  
1330 Quinacridone Violet x  
1340 Raw Sienna   x
1350 Raw Umber   x
1360 Red Oxide   x
1370 Titan-Buff   x
1375 Titanate Yellow   x
1384 Transparent Pyrrole Orange x  
1385 Transparent Red Iron Oxide   x
1386 Transparent Yellow Iron Ox.   x
1380 Titanium White   x
1390 Turquois (Phthalo) x  
1400 Ultramarine Blue   x
1401 Ultramarine Violet   x
1403 Vat Orange x  
1405 Violet Oxide   x
1407 Yellow Ochre   x
1410 Yellow Oxide   x
1415 Zinc White   x
1552 Cadmium Red Medium Hue x  
1554 Cadmium Yellow Med. Hue* x x
1556 Cobalt Blue Hue* x x
1558 Light Green (Blue Shade)* x x
1560 Light Green (Yellow Shade)* x x
1562 Light Magenta* x x
1564 Light Turquois (Phthalo)* x x
1566 Light Ultramarine Blue* x x
1568 Light Violet* x x
1570 Medium Magenta* x x
1572 Medium Violet* x x
1500 Primary Cyan* x x
1510 Primary Magenta x  
1530 Primary Yellow* x x

* Indicates a blend of Organic & Inorganic pigments


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