Golden Artist Acrylics

Tools for Texture

Artists have used feathers, bone, hair, twine, plants, metals... Every tool is designed to achieve a desired result.

The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays

Grays can be used to desaturate colors and can also be used to create a grisaille as an underpainting.

The Subtleties of Color

Artists thrive on subtleties that can make all the difference, the search for colors that meet their needs is endless.

Lightfastness Testing at Golden Artist Colors

Description of the steps we take, and ways we have sought to improve and make lightfastness testing more robust.

Pigment Concentration and its Role in Color

Explore the surprising answer to the question of why pigment change color when used in different systems.

Choosing Brushes for Use with OPEN Acrylics

The brush you choose can play a critical role in realizing the greatest potential of these revolutionary paints.