Golden Artist Acrylics
Gel & Paste Mediums

Rheology: Understanding the Feel of Acrylics

This article on Rheology will elaborate on the “feel” of acrylics and how that affects our painting.

Super Textural Painting with Acrylic

We explore a variety of ways to create highly textured surfaces using acrylic paints, mediums and collage.

Encasing Natural Objects in Acrylics: Petals and Leaves

How to use acrylic mediums and gels to preserve dried organic materials, such as grasses and flowers.

Wet Sanding Acrylics

Adding water to the process of sanding acrylics lubricates the surface to reduce the build up of heat, and softens the acrylic, making it easier to ab...

Tools for Texture

Artists have used feathers, bone, hair, twine, plants, metals... Every tool is designed to achieve a desired result.

Making Dry Paint Skins with Fluid Acrylics

Acrylic skins are dry acrylic paints, mediums (or a combination therein) that is not attached to a substrate.

Creating an encaustic look with acrylics

Mixing matte gels and mediums with paint can create the look of actual beeswax.