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Creating an encaustic look with acrylics

Mixing matte gels and mediums with paint can create the look of actual beeswax.

Controlling Acrylic Painting Time Through The Use of Mediums

The key to controlling working time in acrylics lies in the ability to control the rate of evaporation of water.

Chromatic Neutrals with QoR Watercolor

Neutral colors are those with little or no color saturation. We discuss mixing chromatic neutrals with QoR Watercolors.

Choosing Brushes for Use with OPEN Acrylics

The brush you choose can play a critical role in realizing the greatest potential of these revolutionary paints.

Blocking Support Induced Discoloration

How to prevent a particular type of discoloration that occurs in acrylics upon drying.

Backing Boards for Canvas Paintings

Backing boards are simple and wonderfully effective at protecting the condition of paintings.

A Palette of Textures

How pigments impact paint, and in particular, how they define a range of textures within the Williamsburg line.

Beauty and the Best: Wrestling with Changes in Williamsburg

Zinc Oxide – Reviewing the Research

Zinc Oxide: Warnings, Cautions, and Best Practices

The Life of Pigments in Fine Art Paints

The workhorse of our wide range of colors is the finely powdered insoluble particles known as pigment.

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