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Solving the Solvents (solvent-free oil painting)

Oil paint is the most natural and safe material used for painting but, through misconception, considered dangerous.

Rolling Acrylic Paintings for Shipping and Storage

Rolling acrylic paintings for storage and shipping is a fairly common practice...

Removing Water-Based Paint Solids from Rinse Water

QoR Mediums and Grounds

Broaden your range of techniques and applications possible with a companion line of QoR Mediums and Grounds.

New Pigment Supplier for QoR Quinacridone Red

We found a version of QoR Quinacridone Red’s PV19 pigment that creates a watercolor with a stronger tint strength

Making Dry Paint Skins with Fluid Acrylics

Acrylic skins are dry acrylic paints, mediums (or a combination therein) that is not attached to a substrate.

Make a Mark

The use of drawing material allows an artist a mark unattainable and separate from that made with a brush.

Lightfastness Testing at Golden Artist Colors

Description of the steps we take, and ways we have sought to improve and make lightfastness testing more robust.

Pigment Concentration and its Role in Color

Explore the surprising answer to the question of why pigment change color when used in different systems.

Introduction to Varnishing

Varnish generates frequent questions because it is a complex issue that does not always lend itself to easy solutions.

How to Pack and Ship Unframed Paintings

A simple and cost effective way to packaging paintings for shipping, using corner and edge protection.

High Flow Acrylics for Airbrush, Striping, Textiles, Marbelizing, and Staining

High Flow Acrylics are an amazingly versatile paint! Testing the colors for a range of applications.

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