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Photographing SoFlat Matte- Why the Camera Loves These Colors

Glare and reflections are a challenge when photographing paintings with a glossy finish. SoFlat has a uniform matte sheen that translates exceptionall...

Lightfastness Testing of Heavy Body Fluorescent Colors

Artists love Fluorescent colors, having recently revisited lightfast testing of our Heavy Body Fluorescents, we address some of the common questions w...

Tools for Texture

Artists have used feathers, bone, hair, twine, plants, metals... Every tool is designed to achieve a desired result.

European Artists Colours Association homepage

European Artists Colours Association (EuACA - Sector Group of CEPE)

Safe Handling and Transportation of Acrylic Paintings

Tips on How to Safely Handle and Transport Acrylic Paintings

What is dark yellowing?

Dark yellowing is the reversible, temporary yellowing of dried oil paint after storage in dark or subdued lighting.

Vegan and Animal-Free Paints & Art Materials

We are happy to share information so artists feel comfortable using our products without compromising their principles.

Using Oils with Acrylics

Dive into the science of painting with oils over acrylic grounds.

Tips & Tricks for Varnishing

Varnishing can be daunting, but these useful tips and tricks can help you avoid mishaps and explore some new methods.

The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays

Grays can be used to desaturate colors and can also be used to create a grisaille as an underpainting.

The Subtleties of Color

Artists thrive on subtleties that can make all the difference, the search for colors that meet their needs is endless.

Suggested Drying Times for Layering Acrylic Products

“How long should I wait before applying my next application of acrylic?” is a common question, find some answers here!

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