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Williamsburg’s Safflower Colors

Safflower allows certain colors to hold onto a luminosity that would otherwise be lost. Learn more about it and the safflower colors we offer.

Painting on Location with QoR Modern Watercolors

When painting with watercolors outside, there are a few things you definitely need, and others that can ease your way...

Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor

Masking Fluid resists watercolor paints, allowing artists to preserve fine details and lines of paper that might be otherwise difficult to paint aro...

The QoR mini Half Pan Travel Set and Color Mixing

An easy solution for taking watercolors on plein air painting adventures.

Varnishing Watercolors: Creating the Least Change

To push the boundaries of watercolors, work larger, or eliminate glass, varnish is a valuable option.

Natural Vs. Synthetic QoR Earth Colors

The description “earth pigment” originally indicated a natural material mined from the earth, but natural pigments also have synthetic siblings that g...

Using QoR Additives

Synthetic Ox Gall is a wetting agent to change how diluted watercolor moves over or absorbs into surfaces. Lift Aid is a transparent fluid which when ...

QoR Iridescent and Interference Watercolors

QoR Interference and Iridescent paints reflect and refract light, causing different colors and effects.

Zinc Oxide: FAQ

Issues with zinc oxide, specifically the tendency to form brittle films and increased risk of cracking, have been well-known since the pigment was int...

Layering and Mixing with Iridescent and Interference Acrylic Paints

As with any new technique, some experimentation and playing might be needed when learning how to use iridescent and interference paints, as they do no...

SoFlat is So Flat!

SoFlat was created in direct response to the artists we speak with every day to fulfill the desire for a matte, leveling and opaque paint. Flat in she...

SoFlat Matte Acrylics – Why it Matters

Over the years we have seen increasing interest in matte paints, especially those thin enough to create a smooth, brushstroke-free finish. This paint ...

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