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Encasing Natural Objects in Acrylics: Petals and Leaves

How to use acrylic mediums and gels to preserve dried organic materials, such as grasses and flowers.

Wet Sanding Acrylics

Adding water to the process of sanding acrylics lubricates the surface to reduce the build up of heat, and softens the acrylic, making it easier to ab...

Understanding Pouring Techniques

Create more successful and satisfying pouring art through a better understanding of fluid acrylic medium.

Product Development and Testing at GOLDEN

In this article we provide some insight into the product development lifecycle and testing methods used at GOLDEN.

Revisiting Oils Over Acrylics

Updating the use of oils over acrylics with recent testing from the GOLDEN laboratory.

Williamsburg Oil Content by Volume

An informational chart which organizes Williamsburg colors, Extender Medium and Oil Grounds into four categories of oil content by volume.

QoR Lightfast Testing

Results of the updated lightfastness testing for the entire QoR Watercolor line.

ASTM Lightfastness Testing for Oil Paints

A comprehensive study of ASTM standard D4302 to improve our understanding of oil paint lightfastness and to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness ...

Using Tape in Mixed Media

Our Lab tested a few commonly used painter’s tapes to see how they hold up to lightfast testing. This article explains the methods we used, observatio...

Oiling Out and the Cause of Dead Spots in Oil Paintings

Painting on Glass with GAC 200

GAC 200 is Golden Artist Color’s hardest acrylic binder. When added to acrylic colors, it imparts a toughness to paint layers and helps them lock down...

Williamsburg Wax Medium

Wax Medium is a carefully melted and blended combination of linseed oil, bleached beeswax and dammar crystals.

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