Gel & Paste Mediums

Gel & Paste Mediums

Gel Mediums offer many ways to build texture. We offer five consistencies from our most viscous Extra Heavy Gel to Soft Gel. Each gel is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte finishes. They can be used to create glazes, extend paint and change finishes. Gels are essentially colorless paint, as they utilize the same 100% acrylic polymers as acrylic paint. Gels are also excellent adhesives for collage and mixed media, they dry with excellent flexibility with chemical, water and UV resistance. 

Pastes can be used to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. When used in conjunction with acrylic colors they broaden working properties and expand creative possibilities. Unlike gels, pastes are opaque because they contain Marble Dust or other fillers that create a white or clay-tone finish with a variety of textures and properties. 

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Top 10 uses for Soft Gel Gloss

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