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Williamsburg Wax Medium

Wax Medium is a carefully melted and blended combination of linseed oil, bleached beeswax and dammar crystals.

Williamsburg’s Safflower Colors

Safflower allows certain colors to hold onto a luminosity that would otherwise be lost. Learn more about it and the safflower colors we offer.

Painting on Location with QoR Modern Watercolors

When painting with watercolors outside, there are a few things you definitely need, and others that can ease your way...

Filling Half Pans with QoR Watercolor

Due to QoR’s modern formula, the dry tube paint will re-wet easily and provide the intense saturation expected of QoR.

Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor

Masking Fluid resists watercolor paints, allowing artists to preserve fine details and lines of paper that might be otherwise difficult to paint around.

The QoR mini Half Pan Travel Set and Color Mixing

An easy solution for taking watercolors on plein air painting adventures.

Varnishing Watercolors: Creating the Least Change

To push the boundaries of watercolors, work larger, or eliminate glass, varnish is a valuable option.

Natural Vs. Synthetic QoR Earth Colors

The description “earth pigment” originally indicated a natural material mined from the earth, but natural pigments also have synthetic siblings that greatly expand the earth color family.

Nothing is Black and White with Payne’s Gray

"The color of English rain” is the simple characterization of Payne's Gray that delineates the essence of this color.

Using QoR Additives

Synthetic Ox Gall is a wetting agent to change how diluted watercolor moves over or absorbs into surfaces. Lift Aid is a transparent fluid which when allowed to dry facilitates lifting of colors. Watercolor Medium is Aquazol® binder for increasing adhesion of highly diluted colors. All three can be found with “watercolor mediums” and may assist in techniques and might provoke new avenues of exploration.

QoR Iridescent and Interference Watercolors

QoR Interference and Iridescent paints reflect and refract light, causing different colors and effects.

Double Primary Approach to a QoR Color Wheel

A six-color palette and demonstration of the mixing potential when organized around an artist’s color wheel.

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