Mediums & Grounds

Mediums & Grounds

The concept of QoR does not end with colors. Like everything that comes from GOLDEN, equipping artists to realize their creative vision inspires new materials. QoR Mediums extend and enhance artists' range and control of watercolors, by improving subtractive capabilities with Lift Aid™, extending colors with Watercolor Medium, or unleashing the flow of colors with Synthetic Ox Gall.

QoR Grounds introduce a new wave of expression to watercolors. Watercolor Ground quickly transforms nearly any surface into an absorbant bright white paintable surface similar to hot-press papers, while Cold Press Ground and Light Dimensional Ground transform surfaces with texture ranging from toothy cold-press style surfaces to lustrous modeled surfaces that you design. Finally, to preserve paper or grounds from color, Masking Fluid is a removable barrier that helps create hard edge effects. 

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QoR Mediums and Grounds

Broaden your range of techniques and applications possible with a companion line of QoR Mediums and Grounds.

Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor

Masking Fluid resists watercolor paints, allowing artists to preserve fine details and lines of paper that might be otherwise difficult to paint aro...

Using QoR Additives

Synthetic Ox Gall is a wetting agent to change how diluted watercolor moves over or absorbs into surfaces. Lift Aid is a transparent fluid which when ...
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QoR Cold Press Ground

Cold Press Ground creates an absorbent, cool white surface with the appearance of rough handmade paper. A smoother finish can also be achieved by s...

QoR Light Dimensional Ground

A white, lightweight paste that spreads like frosting, Light Dimensional Ground can be applied smooth and thinly, or built up to create ridges, pea...

QoR Watercolor Ground

A fluid acrylic primer that creates a porous surface similar to hot press paper on many different materials, including canvas and panel, Watercolor...

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