Cold Press Ground

Item: 7002020 (Series: NA)

Dries to a unique rough surface and looks like handmade paper with all its beautiful imperfections. Great nooks and crannies to catch the watercolor, and will allow for interesting lifting effects that you can't get with traditional paper surfaces. Apply with a palette knife by spreading it over a surface (board/panel/paper/canvas). Applied with a dry palette knife, the texture will be similar to rough handmade paper. Use a bit of water on your palette knife and run over the wet application to eliminate some of the roughness for a surface more like cold press paper. (Item #7002020-5) 

More detailed information about QoR Grounds can be found here.

Available Sizes

8 oz7002020-5738797200203
2 oz sample7002020-S738797012264
Cold Press Ground - 8 oz - 08-oz
Cold Press Ground - application
Cold Press Ground - 8 oz - 08-oz