QoR Application and Techniques

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Qor Applications

Application and Techniques with QoR
QoR Watercolors, Grounds and Mediums is a comprehensive system of products providing a wide range of colors, textures, and effects. If you would like to explore the creative potential of these products, this is a great place to start.  Our Application Guides include finished product examples along with specific application techniques and recommendations for the greatest success and archival integrity. 

In addition to our application guides, we have published several articles about QoR watercolor formulation and application, and other topics of interest to artists working in watercolor.   

Application guides:
Watercolor Grounds
Watercolor Grounds (PDF document)
Masking Fluid
(Just Paint article)
Varnishing Watercolors 

Double Primary Approach to a QoR Colorwheel
Painting on Location with QoR Watercolors
Aesthetics of Varnishing Transparent Watercolor
QoR Mediums & Grounds