Watercolor Ground

Item: 7002000 (Series: NA)

Creates an absorbent surface that allows for soft edges and flowing wet-in-wet techniques. May be brush applied for a linen-like texture, rolled on for a dappled effect, or scraped on smoothly with a palette knife. May also be lightly wet sanded for a smoothness similar to a hot pressed surface. May be applied to many different materials, including canvas and panel. Watercolor Ground dries to a lightfast, flexible surface that withstands repeated lifting and scrubbing. (Item #7002000-5)

Available Sizes

8 oz can7002000-5738797200050
2 oz sample7002000-S738797012240
Watercolor Ground - 8 oz can - 08-oz
Watercolor Ground - application
Watercolor Ground - 8 oz can - 08-oz