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GOLDEN Adds 20 Colors to SoFlat Matte Acrylics Product Line

June 06, 2023

Golden Artist Colors expands its SoFlat Matte Acrylics line, adding 20 new colors and providing artists more options for rich, matte color.

Product Discontinuation Update

May 23, 2023

Continued intermittent supply chain disruptions impact pigments and other raw materials, causing continued product discontinuations.

GOLDEN President & COO Receives NAMTA Hall of Fame Award

April 10, 2023

On April 1, Barbara Schindler received the NAMTA® – International Art Materials Association – 2023 Hall of Fame Award!

GOLDEN Waterborne Varnish is Back!

March 20, 2023

New Gloss Waterborne Varnish is removable, provides UVLS protection, resists dirt and dust, and requires no harsh solvents for use, cleanup, or removal.

GOLDEN Introduces 13 New Acrylic Sets

March 14, 2023

Golden Artist Colors is excited to introduce a refreshed acrylic sets assortment to artists!  Sets are often the first purchase for artists new to the brand or for artists looking to explore new products and our redesigned acrylic sets work harder to attract these customers. 

GOLDEN Launches Four New QoR Artist Watercolors Half Pan Sets

March 08, 2023

QoR Artist Watercolors introduces a range of new half pan sets in its most popular set format – the QoR mini.  This all-new range of sets offers four curated palettes built around some of the hottest themes in watercolor today – Intensity, Granulators, Reflective, and Urban Sketch.

Heavy Body, Extra Heavy Gel Gloss, and Fluid Teal Recall

January 17, 2023

Recently, we decided to recall specific batches of Extra Heavy Gel Gloss, Fluid Acrylic Teal, and 14 Heavy Body colors due to product thickening after long-term storage.

Golden Artist Colors Acquires PanPastel® and Sofft® Tools

November 02, 2022

Golden Artist Colors is excited to be able to add these innovative products into its comprehensive fine art material offering for professional artists. 

High Flow Acrylics Color Expansion Offers More Versatility and Unstoppable Color

October 18, 2022

Golden Artist Colors introduces 37 new High Flow Acrylic Colors to artists, giving them even more versatility and unstoppable color!


September 27, 2022

LATE WORKS is an exhibition of paintings to be held at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery, 188 Bell Road, New Berlin, N.Y.

Williamsburg Artist Oils Launches Neutral Grays Set

June 14, 2022

Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors, which are manufactured by Golden Artist Colors, introduces a new Neutral Grays Set based on the Munsell Color System.

Can't find larger sizes or specific products?

May 17, 2022

Updated May 17, 2022 to reflect shipping status of all GOLDEN Arist Acrylic SKUs!

We are pleased to announce that we have resumed shipment of all of our larger size products – items that we paused shipping in March 2021 due to unprecedented demand, supply chain challenges, and labor force constraints. This means that all GOLDEN Acrylic SKUs are now available to ship to our retailers, with the following exceptions:

GOLDEN Polymer Varnish continues to be unavailable in all sizes and sheens due to raw material constraints. We are working to qualify alternate sources of supply, and expect development time for a replacement to run between 6-12 months. (#7710 Polymer Varnish Gloss, #7715 Polymer Varnish Satin, #7720 Polymer Varnish Matte)

We continue to experience supply chain disruptions impacting certain pigments and other raw materials. When one of these materials is delayed, products produced with that material may not be available for a period of time.

Updated February 9, 2022 to reflect new product availability in stores!

We are pleased to inform you that in the coming days and weeks you can expect to see more GOLDEN product on the shelves at your favorite retail store! These items are Heavy Body colors in 8 oz., 32 oz., and 128 oz., as well as non-color products in 16 oz. and 128 oz. sizes.

Over the last 3-4 months we have been working to resume shipments for a portion of the products that we had elected to turn off back in March as a result of unprecedented demand, supply chain challenges, and increasing labor force and transportation constraints. Though many of these challenges still exist, we’re making steady progress and will continue to assess the remaining items shut off for activation and will resume shipments as quickly as we’re able. We will keep you informed as we have more updates.

Please note that customers outside North America should expect a delay in getting these materials due to transportation lead times and logistics.

We truly appreciate your patience, support and commitment to our company and brands as we continue to weather this storm together.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at


Bill Hartman

Director of Sales

Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Updated June 22, 2021 to reflect new product availability date.

Due to supply chain and labor constraints, there is no way to currently supply customers with every single one of our products in every size desired. We are experiencing inventory shortages across our entire product offering. As a result, we will need to extend the ‘product shutoff’ initiated on March 8 until at least early October. We will share updates with you as soon as we have them. We appreciate your continued support of our company and brands!

Updated May 4, 2021 to reflect availability of Polymer Varnish (all sheens).

Due to a raw material shortage, we are currently unable to produce our Polymer Varnishes. We are working with suppliers to understand when these materials may be available again to resume production, but at this time, the shortage is expected to last through at least June.

Updated April 19, 2021 to reflect new product availablility date.

March 19, 2021

Dear Artist,

The vision of Golden Artist Colors has always been to act as a catalyst, bridging creative communities and inspiring positive global change through the arts. In order to do that, we need to get our paint out the door to you – as efficient as possible – so that you can keep painting! During one of the most difficult, but creative times in our country’s history, it’s even more important that we can continue to create tools for artists.

In February we shared with you some challenges we were encountering regarding our supply chain and product packaging differences you might experience. Just in the last week, our challenges have increased drastically as a result of the tragic weather conditions in Texas. Critical materials required for the manufacture of our acrylics and to some extent, our QoR® Watercolor, has been shut down temporarily. This incident has also affected the production of our plastic containers. We are currently working hard to understand our current levels of raw materials and the impact going forward on our ability to produce, without compromising our quality or staff safety. Our entire team at GOLDEN is working diligently to reset our production schedules and to keep you and your beloved retailers informed as we move forward.

As a result of this recent news, we are working tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to deliver, even if with a modified product offering. Therefore, we wanted to make you aware of some additional changes you might experience when you visit your local retailer or shop online for our products in the coming days and weeks.

Beginning immediately, some product sizes (listed below) will not be available until July 1, 2021.

Product Line Name

Affected Sizes





8 oz.




GOLDEN HB Interference Color

8 oz.




GOLDEN HB Iridescent Color

8 oz.




GOLDEN Fluorescent / Phosphorescent Color






8 oz.




GOLDEN OPEN Iridescent Color

8 oz.




GOLDEN Fluid Color

8 oz.




GOLDEN Fluid Iridescent Color

8 oz.




GOLDEN High Flow Color





GOLDEN High Flow Iridescent Color





GOLDEN Fluorescent Color





GOLDEN Mediums





GOLDEN Acrylic Polymers





GOLDEN Gels & Molding Pastes





GOLDEN Gessos & Grounds





GOLDEN Additives





GOLDEN Varnishes (except Spray Varnish)






If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jodi O’Dell in Community Relations at either 607-847-6154 or

We truly appreciate your support and commitment to our company and brands as we continue to weather this storm together.


Jodi L. O’Dell

Community Relations

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