GOLDEN Employees Celebrate Earth Day with Annual Cleanup Event

April 25, 2024

For many years, the employee owners of Golden Artist Colors have helped in keeping the Earth a little bit cleaner by participating in Earth Day cleanup efforts.  This past Monday, 87 GOLDEN employees celebrated the 54th anniversary of Earth Day by helping clean up over 20 collective miles of roadsides in Columbus and Norwich, N.Y.

Bert Adams Disposal supported the cleanup with the donation of a 20-yard roll-off container, which will transport the collected debris to the landfill for proper disposal. Additionally, the Town of Columbus aided in the event by transporting and properly disposing of over 10 tires found along the roadsides.

The core values of GOLDEN include the commitment to supporting local communities and to act as stewards of the land in which the company operates on and near.  Because of this, one of the benefits of being an employee at GOLDEN is that all full-time employees may use up to 40 hours of paid Community Service time per year.  The annual Earth Day cleanup is just one example of how this time can be used.  Any employees that serve in volunteer fire associations, police forces, or emergency squads receive an additional 40 hours of paid Community Service time per year for when the course of their official duties requires them to be absent from work. 

GOLDEN first began asking for employees to volunteer their time for Earth Day back in 2005, and the cleanup event has continued to grow and gain support over the years.  Last year, close to 1,700 pounds of garbage was removed from the roadsides of Columbus and Norwich as a result of this effort.

“It’s always a pleasure to help organize this annual event,” said Health & Safety Specialist, Heather Jennings.  “Employees enjoy making a positive impact in the communities where they both work and live.”

To learn more about Golden Artist Colors, its commitment to supporting local communities, and its comprehensive fine arts materials product offering, click here.  

GOLDEN Employees Celebrate Earth Day with Annual Cleanup Event