Spraying Safely

Because it is inherently unhealthy to inhale spray mists of any kind, we recommend, at minimum, the use of a NIOSH approved disposable dust and mist respirator. Avoid cheaper paper masks that are not labeled with a "NIOSH" approval as they will be less likely to fit adequately or trap particulates as well. Better would be the use of a NIOSH approved half-mask rubber or silicone respirator, fitted with "P-100" cartridges, which signifies they are engineered to capture the finest dust and mists. We use silicone 6000 series respirators, made by 3M in our shop, and find them to be quite comfortable. They also fit much better than disposable paper respirators. These are available from safety supply houses, such as Northern Safety. (www.northernsafety.com). Bear in mind that in OSHA's opinion, you should get medical clearance to wear a respirator.