Mineral Spirit Acrylic Color

Mineral Spirit Acrylic Color

Mineral Spirit Acrylic Colors (Professional Use Only) are produced with a Mineral Spirit-borne Acrylic resin system. They dry quickly to form very durable films with excellent chemical resistance to acids/alkalis, water, and ultraviolet rays. All of the pigments in GOLDEN Acrylics are chosen for the greatest clarity & permanency within each chemical class. 

MSA colors remain soluble in full strength mineral spirits (>6% aromatics) such as Golden MSA solvent, making them ideal for easy removal without disturbing the layers of paint underneath.

Because these paints are resoluble in mineral spirits, an additional paint layer can begin to re-solublize the previous MSA film underneath it. If this becomes a problem, as when applications require more brushing out or blending, it is necessary to apply isolation layers between coats. 

For multiple layers GOLDEN Polymer Varnish is beneficial as an isolation coat. This is a water-based varnish that is removed with an alkaline solution such as ammonia. Although the Polymer Varnish is water-based, the MSA Colors and Varnishes are soft enough to allow for adequate adhesion and controlled removal of layers, as layers underneath remain intact until the Polymer Varnish is also removed.

For health and safety information, see MSA Material Data Safety Sheet

For detailed product information, see MSA Conservation Paints Product Information & Application Sheet.