Displaying Watercolor Paintings Without Glass

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In this demonstration you’ll see how watercolor paintings on paper can be prepared for exhibition by varnishing instead of the traditional encasement behind glass with mats and framing. Coating your work with varnish provides a protective barrier from damaging moisture and sunlight, and with the addition of an optional isolation coat, the varnish can be removed for cleaning or to change the sheen.

Intro: 0:00 – 1:44
Materials List: 1:45 – 2:48
Step 1 – Sealing your paper: 2:49 – 4:10
Step 2 (optional) – Isolation Coat; 4:11- 4:44
Step 3 – Applying your finish sheen: 4:45 – end

Adhering Watercolor Paper to Panel

Isolation Coat Application*

*Note, the video discussing isolation coat states not to use this product with watercolor paintings. This is in reference to uncoated watercolor paintings. Since your watercolor painting will be sealed with GOLDEN Archival Spray Varnish prior to the application of Isolation Coat, this warning does not apply.