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Product Use & Technical

Working properties, application guidance, mixing and usage.

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Safety Data

Handling and health information related to chemical composition of products.



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Reference Materials

Color charts, color pigment information tables, drying times, etc.



Scholarly information on art materials, conservation and application.

SoFlat Matte Acrylics Zing Set - 6 Color!

Bright, surprising, high-chroma and intense – the colors of the Zing set will jump off your art. Six 2oz. jars: Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, Cadm...

SoFlat Matte Acrylic Pop Set - 6 Color!

Bold colors inspired by mid-century pop art and probably the best starting point and value for flat, matte painting. Six 2 oz. jars: Cadmium Primro...

Creating Clean Crisp Defined Edges with [Acrylic] Paints

Paint crisp and clean edges on smooth, rough, or very textured surfaces by selecting the right tools, paints, mediums, and techniques. In this vide...

How To Apply (and Remove) Waterborne Varnish

Protect interior acrylic paintings from dust and ultraviolet light with our newly formulated Gloss Waterborne Varnish. This varnish can be thinned ...

Heavy Body Acrylic Colors Overview

The first acrylic colors offered by GOLDEN, Heavy Body paints are known for their exceptionally smooth, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body palette...

Fluid Acrylic Colors Overview

Equal the intensity of GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics but with an even, flowing characteristic useful for dry brush application, fine details, pouring,...

High Flow Acrylic Colors Overview

High Flow Acrylics are an ultra-thin paint with ink-like consistency that provide incredible versatility. They can go directly from bottle to airbr...

OPEN Slow-Drying Acrylic Colors Overview

OPEN Acrylics are a slow-drying paint with a slightly softer consistency than our Heavy Body paints. The increased working time of these colors exp...

Williamsburg Oil Colors Overview

Getting the proper pigment is just the beginning. So much of the quality of oil paint is in the grinding. Each color is ground to enhance the beaut...

QoR Watercolors Overview

QoR Artist Watercolors accentuate the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after drying - providing the subtlety, transparency and flow of gr...

Pastels Without Paper [Three Acrylic Surfaces]

Here are three toothy acrylic mixtures you can easily apply to panel or board to expand your pastel art whether you use PanPastel, stick pastel, or...

Creating a Smoother Canvas Surface

Creating a smoother canvas surface can be easy with Molding Paste. This preparation works well for oils, acrylics, and other media and creates a su...

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