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New Biocide Statement on GOLDEN Acrylic Color Labels

November 10, 2020

Biocide and Skin Sensitivity

If untreated, water-based products provide an environment for growth of micro-organisms whic...

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Receives 2020 Manufacturer of the Year Award

October 05, 2020

Commerce Chenango Celebrates Manufacturing in Chenango County

Manufacturing Day occurs every year on the first Friday in October a...

Equity & Inclusion at GOLDEN

September 08, 2020

Pigment Shortage May Affect Access to Specific Colors at Local Retail Stores

June 24, 2020

Due to a shortage at our pigment supplier, availability of products containing the blue pigment PB60-Indanthrone will be limited until the 4th...

GOLDEN Develops Easy-to-Use Kit for Artists to Remove Paint Solids from Studio Waste Water

March 19, 2020

GOLDEN Develops Easy-to-Use Kit for Artists to Remove Paint Solids from Studio Waste Water

New for 2020, the Crash Paint Solids kit from GOL...

GOLDEN Fiber Paste has a new look...

March 09, 2020

Due to variability found in the natural mineral fibers we use for this product, the color of Fiber Paste is now brighter and more white than before...

Reformulation for Williamsburg Van Dyke Brown

February 21, 2020

Dear Customers of Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors Van Dyke Brown:

Due to the pigment Bituminous Earth being discontinued by the manufacture...

GOLDEN Seeking Candidates for Working Artist Program

February 03, 2020

Golden Artist colors, Inc. is seeking candidates to fill the position of GOLDEN Certified Working Artist to cover key market regions with home-base...

GOLDEN Fluid Green Gold Color Adjustment

December 04, 2019

A recent review of color standards revealed a significant color difference between our Fluid Green Gold and Heavy Body Green Gold. We strive to pro...

Interview with Susan Roth at The SAGG December 6

November 19, 2019

Batza Professor of Art and Art History Emerita from Colgate University,

Mary Ann Calo Interviews Artist Susan Roth...

Announcement Regarding Soft Gel Gloss

October 11, 2019

We have discovered that three batches of Soft Gel Gloss (#3010) have a light pink cast to them. We have isolated the cause and determined that the ...

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