Children's Use of Golden Products

Children's Use of GOLDEN Products

When deciding whether or not children in your care are old enough to safely use GOLDEN products, here are some things to consider:

Assess all children by their level of maturity. Products carrying the unique Golden symbol, the round marble, are suitable for children mature enough to properly use the product without inadvertently putting it into their mouth. As a general guideline, children at a 6th grade level or older should be able to use such paints and mediums without concern. Golden products are not formulated for younger children, but most can also be relatively safe for occasional use by children at lower grade levels, with more care taken in the following areas.

Adult Supervision
Adults supervising children using Golden products should be comfortable with their own familiarity with acrylic products, and their ability to maintain a controlled environment. They should emphasize safe work practices when using art materials, including a prohibition on body painting and fooling around. They may also wish to enhance the safety message by supplying smocks and gloves.

Product Selection
Artists should be taught from an early age to read product labels. Children should not be exposed to or allowed to use hazardous Golden products, as identified with an "X" Warning Label. These include Golden Varnishes, Acrylic Flow Release, and Cadmium colors. 
Depending on the setting and situation, it may also be desirable to err on the side of caution and avoid paints containing other Heavy Metals such as Nickel, Cobalt and Chrome. In general, children should not be using materials in the form of dusts or powders.

For More Information
Click here for more information on how to read GOLDEN product labels.

Click here for more detailed health and safety information than is available on product labels: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all standard GOLDEN products.

For further information on this topic, call 800-959-6543 and ask for Health and Safety.

Children's Use of Golden Products