Stop-out Varnish for Intaglio Printmaking


GOLDEN Stop-Out Varnish for Intaglio Printmaking is a rich black liquid acrylic that represents a total replacement for traditional toxic asphaltum and lacquer based stop-out varnishes. GOLDEN ARTIST COLORS, Inc. developed this product in collaboration with print-maker Keith Howard. Its use is fully described in his book Non-toxic Intaglio Printmaking ISBN 0-9683541-0-6.


For use with all intaglio metal plate etching where ferric chloride or the Edinburgh Etch is used.


Degrease plate before applying GOLDEN Stop-Out Varnish.

Apply the Stop-out Varnish by either pouring directly from the container or by brushing it onto the metal plate.

Can be force-dried with a hair-dryer.

When re-applying the Stop-Out Varnish onto copper plates, rinse plate with a dilute water and baking soda solution (5%). Rinse with cold water, dry and then apply the Stop-out Varnish.

Removal Directions

Mix one half cup of washing soda (sodium carbonate) with 1 quart of hot water and place into photo developing tray. Place the metal plate with Stop-out Varnish into this solution and rub with a soft brush until the varnish completely dissolves. If Stop-out Varnish is allowed to remain on a plate for more than a few days, a 10% solution of household ammonia and cold water must be used in place of the soda solution described above.


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