Mixing Certain Colors


Mixing Certain Colors

I live in the middle of the Pacific (Hawaii). Sometimes, items are not as easily available as on the mainland. Anyway, I am in love with your Pyrrole Red Light acrylic. Unfortunately, I went to my local art supplier and they didn"t have it in stock. They did have the regular Pyrrole Red. So, I bought it. I have many of your other acrylic colors. Is there something I can mix with the Pyrrole Red to make it Pyrrole Red Light?

We are sure one shot supplies or Hawaiian Graphics would get Pyrrole Red Light in for you, but we"ll do our best to help you in the short term. Also, be sure to look in the other GOLDEN paint lines, Fluid, Heavy Body, etc., for this colors as well. You can add a gel or medium to get it closer to your normal paint line.

Pyrrole Red blended with Diarylide Yellow, Hansa Yellow Opaque, Hansa Yellow Medium, or Vat Orange should arrive at a clean enough mix to match the hue of Pyrrole Red Light.

We have listed the colors above in rank of best guesses. It shouldn"t take too much of any Yellow to bring the Pyrrole Red around. The good thing is, Pyrrole Red is an orangy red and not a bluish one, so the blends with yellow should stay pretty clean.

What combination of GOLDEN Airbrush colors would I use to get the creamy ivory (off white) of a gardenia and the orangy pink of a peach?

The easiest creamy white is made with AB Titanium White and AB Raw Sienna Hue. If it"s too greenish, try the Burnt Sienna Hue or Raw Umber Hue. Peachy colors are best made with Quinacridone Red and Hansa Yellow Medium or Diarylide Yellow. Add white as needed to achieve the right value. Be sure to obtain a copy of the GOLDEN Color Mixing Guide to get a better handle on blending and matching. Even though this guide was created using the Heavy Body paints, the same pigments are used in the Fluids and Airbrush Colors.