Acrylic Modifier for Plaster



Acrylic Modifier for Plaster is a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion designed to be added to gypsum (plaster) in the mixing stage to increase the chip-resistance of the casting. This increase in chip-resistance does not affect the high tensile strength of the gypsum.

Acrylic Modifier also increases scratch resistance, and provides an overall toughening of the cast gypsum product. Acrylic Modifier does not shorten setting time, and should not have any detrimental effects on the working time or workability of the plaster slurry.


Addition Levels

GOLDEN Acrylic Modifier for Plaster should be added at a level of 3-20% based on the weight of the gypsum. The increase in strength is directly related to the amount of Acrylic Modifier added. A substantial increase in performance is achieved, along with best cost-efficiency, between the 5-10% range.

While Acrylic Modifier for Plaster contains water, it is not necessary to account for this additional water in the mix.

Mixing Instructions

Pre-mix the water and Acrylic Modifier before adding the gypsum. This assures a homogenous mixture.

The following formulations are based on a gypsum requiring 40 parts water to 100 parts of gypsum (by weight).

% of Acrylic Modifier Gypsum Acrylic Modifier Water
4.5% 100 lb. 2 quarts (4.4 lb.) 38-40 lb.
15.4% 100 lb. 1.75 gal. (15.4 lb.) 33-40 lb.


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