Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors Launches 18 New Colors!

April 12, 2012

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors introduces 18 new colors! Born in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, out of an artist's obsession with getting the most beautiful color from every; each pigment is ground to enhance the character and luminosity of Williamsburg Handmade oil paint.

In keeping with this philosophy, Williamsburg is proud to re-introduce two colors, add three new colors to round out the already extensive color offering, and launch 13 French Earth Colors from the oldest mine and pigment supplier in France. Adding the new French Earth Colors to the company's famous Italian Earths reinforces the company's commitment to truly unique color offerings for artists. In addition, the new Cadmium and Cobalt colors expand those important single pigment categories, giving artists one of the most extensive color groupings available anywhere. Colors included in the launch are:

Returning Favorites: Indanthrone Blue, Green Gold

New Single Pigment Colors: Cadmium Purple, Cobalt Green, Mars Orange Deep

French Earth Colors: Because of their importance, will also be available in a set

French Terre Verte
French Yellow Ochre Deep
French Raw Sienna
French Ochre Havane
French Rouge Indien
French Brown Ochre
French Burnt Ochre
French Burnt Umber
French Light Sienna
French Ardoise Grey
French Raw Umber
French Cassel Earth
French Noir Indien

The thirteen new French Earth Colors will expand and provide more depth within the company's offerings of natural earths coming from regions with historical importance, especially in terms of European art history. They will appeal to painters seeking a broader palette of historical materials; those who want to feel more connected to specific regions and traditions.

At the same time, Williamsburg believes the French Earth Colors are attractive to many modern painters who appreciate that natural earths provide a type of texture and physical presence, as well as a subtlety of color caused by the unique mix of impurities each mining region possesses; something that synthetic iron oxides simply cannot provide.

For more information about the 18 new colors from Williamsburg, go to our most recent issue of Just Paint, http://www.justpaint.org/jp26/jp26article4.php. To learn about related products from Williamsburg, go to the Web site at www.williamsburgoils.com.

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors Launches 18 New Colors!