GOLDEN Introduces 13 New Acrylic Sets

March 14, 2023

Improved Presentation, Prominent Content Details and Sustainable Packaging

Golden Artist Colors is excited to introduce a refreshed acrylic sets assortment to artists!  Sets are often the first purchase for artists new to the brand or for artists looking to explore new products and our redesigned acrylic sets work harder to attract these customers.  Dominant application images grab shoppers’ attention and communicate key features of the products inside, while prominent text communicates the concept and contents of each set.  Sustainability was also a focus for the redesign of these sets – reducing the amount of packaging material, eliminating plastic boxes and shrink wrap, and sourcing certified FSC Mix paperboard.

Four new Intro sets – Heavy Body, OPEN, Fluid and High Flow – provide a balanced selection of colors, giving artists an excellent starting point when wanting to explore the working properties unique to each GOLDEN Artist Acrylics color line.

Now mixing is easier than ever with four new color mixing sets! The intuitive split primary method provides artists with a warm and cool choice for each primary color in addition to other key colors, giving them the ability to mix an extensive range of colors. The mixing sets feature the Heavy Body, OPEN, Fluid and High Flow product lines.

The last five sets for this launch are our Application & Technique Sets. This group of sets includes:

  • Heavy Body Traditional Set – Historically significant colors for figurative painting
  • High Flow Drawing & Lettering Set – Ink-like acrylic colors useful for lettering and drawing with pump markers dip pens or brushes
  • High Flow Airbrush Set – Transparent colors for gradations, highlights and building color intensity
  • Heavy Body Essentials Set – Foundational colors capable of mixing full range of hues, tint and shades
  • OPEN Landscape Set – Outdoor palette to produce hues shades and tints found in nature

As we launch this new portfolio of acrylic sets, we will be discontinuing much of our existing set offerings, so if you have questions about availability of any of our sets, please visit our website.  With list prices ranging from $35.69 to $74.99 each, these sets will be available at retail locations starting now, so be on the lookout!

Videos about each set can be viewed here:

For further information, please call GOLDEN Customer Service at 800-959-6543 or 607-847-6154.  To learn more specific details about GOLDEN Artist Acrylics, visit  


GOLDEN Introduces 13 New Acrylic Sets