SoFlat Matte Titanium White Recall

December 14, 2021

Through research and testing it has been discovered that the product has thickened over time, demonstrating properties outside our quality control acceptance range. Changes in our processes since the discovery assure recent and future batches should not be affected.

Please know that if you purchased product from one of the affected batches listed below and used it thinly, there should be no negative affects to your artwork. However, if the product was applied thickly (approaching 1 mm or more), it can crack during film formation. If you purchased product from one of the batches and haven’t depleted your supply yet, you can do one of two things:

  1. Add up to 20% water to the product to thin it out and use it with success.
  2. Contact Customer Service at the number below to get your product replaced at no charge.

If you have product that is NOT these batch codes, the product is good to use.

Please inspect the container to determine if the product is identified with the affected batch code. Batch codes are located either on the bottom of the product, or below the bar code on the label.

Recalled sizes are 2, 4 and 16 oz. in the following batch code numbers:

  • X0005158
  • X0006199
  • X0006904
  • X0006905
  • X0007877
  • X0008094

If you have product(s) with the batch code specified above, please call our Customer Service Department at 607-847-6154 or 1-800-959-6543 for assistance. You can also complete and submit this form:

Proper disposal guidelines would be to either remove the cap and allow the product to dry out or pour it onto cardboard and allow it to dry out. Once completely dry, the product can be disposed of in your everyday trash receptacle.


SoFlat Matte Titanium White Recall