Product Safety Recall - QoR® Synthetic Ox Gall

July 20, 2014

Product Safety Recall - QoR® Synthetic Ox Gall

Dear Customer:

We are recalling QoR Synthetic Ox Gall because it contains an excess of MIT, a preservative. MIT can cause allergic skin reactions in susceptible individuals. If the product was used in a painting, there is no concern with the performance of it. We take very seriously the responsibility to assure the safety of our product hence the importance of this recall. Please know we've made changes in our processes since this discovery to assure no future batches should be affected.

This recall covers all lots produced to date (below). Lot numbers are located on the bottom of the product. If you are unable to find the lot number, this recall still applies.


If you have this product in your possession, please call GOLDEN Customer Service at 1-800-959-6543 so that we can issue a call tag for the return of the product to our facility. Once we have confirmed receipt of the material, we will ship a replacement container to you.


Barbara Schindler
President, Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Product Safety Recall - QoR® Synthetic Ox Gall