Note on Occurrences of GOLDEN Tube Caps Breaking

December 01, 2010

Golden Artist Colors takes pride in its commitment to responding to customer needs. We are committed to producing tools that push the boundaries in art and helping the creative community around the world. Our commitment of quality to artists is not focused only on paint, but is carried through the entire experience artists have with our product and company.

Some customers have shared that our tube caps are not meeting their needs because of breaks that occur at the top of the collar or caps that split in two. While disappointed to learn that we are letting artists down, we are grateful that our customers are so willing to share this information with us.

Initial reports of breaking caps were not widespread and therefore, made it challenging to identify the cause. Attempts to recreate failures were initially unsuccessful. However, as the number grew, we established when we purchased the tubes, which assisted the supplier in determining the specific plastic used in our caps at that time. In the fall of 2009 we changed the formulation of the plastic. Torque testing of the new caps has demonstrated that this new plastic is more resilient and far less likely to fail as a result of cracking or splitting near the collar, if not entirely resistant to breaks under normal use.

We recognize that caps made with the new plastic will take some time to circulate into the inventories of our retail partners. Should you experience a failure with any of our caps, replacement caps are available at no charge through Customer Service by calling 1-800-959-6543 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We always welcome feedback, so we'll be eager to speak with you if you have specific questions about this issue or if you'd like to discuss your experience further.