Update on YInMn Blue from GOLDEN's Custom Lab

April 23, 2021

We currently have extremely limited access to YInMn Blue pigment from our supplier. Therefore, we cannot take any new orders for product at this time. Once we are able to produce more product we will update this page, providing details regarding required information we need from you so that we can put your order in our system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and truly appreciate your understanding.

Created by chemist, Dr. Mas Subramanian and his team at Oregon State University, YInMn Blue is exclusively licensed to and brought to commercialization by The Shepherd Color Company and is the first new inorganic blue in over 200 years. The YInMN Blue color exists in the space between Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue, adding a depth and warmth of color combined with opacity that extends the range of blues from which to choose. 

To learn more about the unique attributes of YInMn Blue and its value to artists, please visit our JustPaint.org website: https://justpaint.org/yinmn-blue/

If you’d like to see the Custom Lab in action, we made a video showing the process of making YInMn blue. Click here to see it!

For more information on our Custom Lab, please visit: https://www.goldenpaints.com/contact_us/custom_lab.

Thank you all for sharing your interest in YInMn Blue and the Custom Lab at Golden Artist Colors!



Update on YInMn Blue from GOLDEN's Custom Lab