NEW High Flow Marker Set

January 01, 2014

The new High Flow Marker Set from GOLDEN includes five High Flow colors plus three empty refillable markers, providing an ideal way for artists to discover how easy it is to use refillable markers with new High Flow Acrylics.

The GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic colors are an ultra-thin paint with an ink-like consistency. They prove that less viscosity can increase versatility, from spraying to mark making - they are thin enough to go directly from the bottle into an airbrush, refillable marker and dip pen.

High Flow Acrylics work for many applications and are compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylics. Perfect for fine detail painting, this new formula offers a new palette that includes many single-pigment colors, as well as Fluorescent and Iridescent colors. So while it acts like an ink, it's an acrylic and that means the colors will match their counterparts in GOLDEN Heavy Body or Fluid Acrylics and offer the same archival qualities artists demand from professional quality paint.

The three markers included in the set give artists the opportunity to try a variety of sizes, from a fine tip to a wider stroke (1 mm, 2 mm and 15 mm tip sizes), each having its own unique quality, perfect for signatures, fine line detail or filling in larger areas with more accuracy and precision. The colors included in the set offer variety as well:

  • Iridescent Pearl (Fine) and Fluorescent Pink - unique, expressive colors not typically found in many ink lines

  • Indigo (Anthraquinone) - illustrates the high pigment load available with High Flow

  • Green Gold - a "go-to" color for many artists

  • Transparent Dioxazine Purple - a bold color from the offering of ten Transparent colors available in High Flow

Many fine artists have never considered the possibilities of using permanent acrylics in tools, such as refillable markers or pens. The High Flow Marker Set makes it convenient and easy to give this delivery method a try. Once they try it, they're hooked!

The High Flow Marker Set is accompanied by a pamphlet that provides instructions on how to fill the markers and includes information about other High Flow colors available.

For more information visit our High Flow page. Look for the new set at your local art supply store beginning early February 2014.

NEW High Flow Marker Set