Recommendations for Leaky High Flow Acrylics Caps

October 03, 2023

We’ve recently received messages from several artists regarding leaky High Flow caps. After investigating this issue we learned that some of the twist caps on 1 oz. High Flow bottles have a shorter than normal stopper post that isn’t tall enough to fully seal the nozzle, resulting in paint leaking from the top of the cap after the quality seal has been removed. Rest assured that even with a leaky cap, there should be very little moisture evaporation and risk of your paint drying out. This is really an issue of these bottles making a mess.

Testing new cap options and manufacturers will take some time but we’re on it! In the meantime, we recommend the following to artists: store your High Flow bottles upright, ensure caps are twisted fully closed, and before shaking the container, be sure to cover the nozzle opening with your finger to reduce the chance of paint leaking. If the cap develops a leak over time from paint drying out inside the cap, you can remove the cap and clean it with warm water before screwing it back onto the bottle.

When traveling with High Flow Acrylics, we recommend packing them in a plastic bag separately from other items in case of leaking. You can also remove the cap, cover the bottle opening with plastic wrap, and then replace the cap snugly before placing the bottles in the plastic bag.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and will update our webpage once we’ve found a suitable cap replacement.

Recommendations for Leaky High Flow Acrylics Caps