GOLDEN to Keep Quality and Artist Support its Top Priority

January 20, 2006

A new company initiative seeks to curb commodification of the GOLDEN brand and ensure sustainable, long-term support of the arts community.

In recent years, manufacturers in the arts materials industry have faced tremendous market pressures to reduce prices, sometimes resulting in lower quality products and reduced levels of customer support.

If this trend continues, according to sources from Golden Artist Colors, Inc., an increasingly price-centric marketplace for arts supplies could

Reduce industry ability to invest in product development and research

Continue the manufacturing shift to offshore companies

Curtail creation of educational programs and other support platforms that contribute to the vitality of the arts community

Reduce the variety and availability of local fine art supply retail stores

To that end, Golden Artist Colors introduced the Sustainable Market Initiative. The Sustainable Market Initiative features an updated set of policies designed to help broaden the inherent appeal of the GOLDEN brand throughout the art supply retail channel. Ultimately, the stability and brand value derived from the initiative will allow the company to further its commitment to meet artists' individual needs, increase product availability and selection, and make a real difference in the enrichment of the creative world.

According to Mark Golden, CEO of Golden Artist Colors, Inc., "From the manufacturer that makes the product to the artist who buys it, for all of us to thrive as part of a sustainable creative community, we must commit to be significant contributors to our communities and to give back to one another for our mutual success. As a manufacturer, we fully realize we are but one part of this community, but through the Sustainable Market Initiative, we are doing our part by creating tools to ensure a better future for all of us."

He added, If the GOLDEN brand is to remain relevant to those who use our products to express their creativity, this company must be in a position to serve and support them for many years to come. The Sustainable Market Initiative will not only allow us to continue to provide our customers access to unique materials and programs, it will ensure they will always have choices within the arts supply marketplace. That is our promise. That is our passion."

From ongoing dedication to product innovation and art materials research to such unique tools as hand-painted color charts and hand-painted labels, the increased stability Golden Artist Colors, Inc. will realize from the Sustainable Market Initiative will help the company further enrich many market-leading programs it offers to artists everywhere:

The Working Artists Program: The Working Artists Program provides artists with first-hand experience of the variety of GOLDEN acrylic products and their uses. Professional fine artists with extensive art material expertise regularly conduct classes and demonstrations throughout the country for artists and students working in acrylic or other media.

Technical Support: The Technical Support team for Golden Artist Colors provides relevant information to users and makers of art materials alike. The department houses professional artists who also have extensive technical backgrounds, ensuring that customers understand the full capabilities of products and helping to determine when a custom solution needs to be created to address a unique situation.

Custom Lab: The Custom Lab is the only facility of its kind dedicated to designing products to the desired specifications of individual artists. It has the ability to make products to meet various artists' criteria, producing more than 1,000 custom products to meet the individual needs of customers since its inception 20 years ago.

To activate the Sustainable Market Initiative in the arts supply retailer level, Golden Artist Colors will institute (or continue) several key measures, including a Minimum Advertised Price policy, which will assure that the advertising of the brand does not represent GOLDEN products as a loss leader or lower-value product.